Did you know… about our Local Laws?

Published on 17 July 2017

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Our Local Laws team strives to help Murrindindi Shire residents enjoy a safe and healthy environment and a quality of life that meets the community’s expectations.

The team also ensures we can all live reasonably together, without impacting on each other’s use and enjoyment of our homes and properties.

Over the last year, our team received 617 requests for assistance with animal management or Local Laws issues. Our team travels approximately 120,000km within the Shire each year servicing these requests.

Over the past year, our team has:

  • Provided cat-trapping cages for use by 125 people

  • Responded to wandering dog and cat complaints with the vast majority of them being reunited with their owners or re-homed. Just under 155 animals were taken to Animal Aid Coldstream, or to our facilities at Yea.

  • Investigated 33 reported dog attacks

  • Collected around 88 straying farm animals, including horses, cows, sheep, goats, pigs and alpacas

  • Responded to 79 reports of wandering stock on roads – improving safety for both drivers and livestock.

  • Managed more than 2000 enquiries from the community relating to local laws

Each year the team also takes on around 250 jobs after regular business hours. These jobs include parking enforcement, dealing with stock on roads and dog attacks.

The Local Laws team is responsible for managing many of the community’s permit applications to Council. This year alone, more than 668 permits have been issued for activities such as burning off, firewood collection, events, raffles and road closures.

Our team is open all hours for emergencies. For after hours emergencies contact: 0419 572 425.

More information about Council’s Local laws is available on our website at www.murrindindi.vic.gov.au