Bushfire Memorials


Bushfire memorials will provide an opportunity to pay tribute to loved ones lost in the 2009 bushfires, as well as those who lost homes and property, and those who were affected in other ways by the events that forever changed our lives. The development of the memorials is a community effort and a collaboration between all community members, including those who were fire affected and those who were not.

Throughout the memorials consultation process, arbitrary timelines have not been followed. The philosophy of ‘it will take however long it takes’ has been the driver of the time frame.

More information on the bushfire memorial project can be found here or by contacting Jenny Branton on 0417 532 344.

2.What has community consultation told us?

There should be a memorial in each town that suffered loss of human life.  There was also strong support for the development of two larger regional memorials on either side of the Shire.

  • That the names of the people who died should be included.
  • That the most important elements to be included in the memorial designs included:
    • recognition of the loss of property, pets, the environment and communities, but in a manner secondary to the loss of human life.
    • messages including honour, remembrance and reflection should be conveyed through the memorials, along with survival, recovery and community spirit.
    • the story of the fires be told through some interpretive elements, including the response from the emergency services and broader community to provide context into the future.
    • structures should be simple, not overstated.
    • elements including rocks, gardens, trees and water be incorporated into design options.
    • maintenance and durability be a key consideration. The materials should be durable, long lasting and have a relatively low maintenance requirement over the long term.

The Murrindindi Memorials Working Group is recommending that the larger regional memorials contain the names of the individuals who died in the fire that each memorial represents.  Families of the deceased have the option to not include their loved ones name.

3.Where will the memorials be?

Through various consultation periods with the community it has been agreed that there will be two central memorials located in the Kinglake Ranges and Marysville with four local memorials at Narbethong, Castella/Toolangi, Kinglake West and Flowerdale.

Community consultation was undertaken to provide feedback on the preferred sites for the Kinglake Ranges and Marysville bushfire memorials. The Frank Thompson Reserve in Kinglake and the site behind the patisserie and next to the swimming pool in Marysville were selected as the preferred options.

4.Memorial Design

Council called for Expressions of Interest from companies to design the bushfire memorials, three design teams were selected from nine submissions. The three teams from Arterial, Convic and Detail 9 Architects were then asked to provide information suitable to put on public display for community comment. This included:

  • An introduction about the members of each design team and a small portfolio about their previous work.
  • Information on how people in the community can be involved in the design process and how they can contribute and express their ideas.
  • Notice on how the community will be kept informed about the memorial’s progress.
  • Images which will provide a visual depiction of the thoughts, ideas and impressions the team has gained from reading the design brief.

This information was displayed from 11 January to 29 January 2016 at Council offices in Alexandra, Yea and Kinglake, the Marysville & Lake Mountain Visitor Information Centre and on Council's website.

Community feedback was collected via a survey and almost 100 responses were received.

CONVIC were appointed to complete the final stage of the community memorial designs.

Following the Pre Design and Visioning Workshops held in July 2016, options were developed for each memorial. Community feedback was then provided on these options.

Council is pleased to advise that the final designs have now been confirmed and the community are now invited view the final designs. The designs will be on public display in each of the memorial locations and can also be viewed here:

Click here(PDF, 5MB) to view Flowerdale design

Click here(PDF, 6MB) to view Kinglake design

Click here(PDF, 3MB) to view Kinglake West design

Click here(PDF, 3MB) to view Narbethong design

Click here(PDF, 4MB) to view Marysville design

Click here(PDF, 3MB) to view Toolangi/Castella design


More information on the bushfire memorial project can be found here or by contacting Jenny Branton on 0417 532 344.