Fire Restrictions and Amnesties

Council Fire Restrictions

Council’s ‘Fire Restriction Period’ will commence on 1 October 2018 and conclude once the CFA has declared its ‘Fire Danger Period’.

During Council’s ‘Fire Restriction Period’, there can be no burning off in residential areas (except for campfires or barbeques) without first obtaining a permit.

If you are in a Farming Zone you may have a small fire without a permit.  A ‘small fire’ is classified as not more than one metre in width or one metre in height, with vegetation no thicker than 75mm. Large fires will require a Council permit.

The following conditions apply if a successful permit is granted:

  1. An adult must be in attendance while the fire is alight.
  2. Such fires are lit between 3pm and 11pm any day until the start of the CFA Fire Danger Period.  All fires must be extinguished by 11pm of the same day the fire is lit.
  3. Adequate means must be available at all times for extinguishing the fire.
  4. The person who lights the fire, or allows a fire to remain alight, must extinguish the fire upon being directed to do so by an authorised officer, member of the Victorian Police, or an authorised officer of DELWP or the CFA.

These local restrictions are endorsed by the Murrindindi Shire Council and Lake Mountain Alpine Resort Municipal Fire Management Planning Committee. They are designed to place some controls on burns in this period and have also been designed to reduce the number of unnecessary call outs for local fire brigades.   

You can apply for a burn off permit here.

Council Fire Amnesty Periods

There are currently two fire amnesties that take place in Murrindindi Shire each year.

Pre-Season Council Fire Amnesty Period

The first of these is the pre-summer amnesty period, which comes into force from 15 September 2018 and runs until midnight 30 September 2018. During this amnesty, properties within town limits are allowed to have small fires (up to one metre in diameter) and burn vegetative matter up to 75mm in diameter. If you are burning off within a residential area smoke must not cause a nuisance to neighbours.

Properties outside town limits are not subject to burning restrictions during this period.

Alternatively, Murrindindi Shire residents can deposit green waste free of charge year round at any of Council’s Resource Recovery Centres. Click here to find out more.

Post-Season Council Fire Amnesty Period

The second fire amnesty period takes place at the end of CFA’s declared Fire Danger Period. 

The post season fire amnesty period for 2019 – whereby an amnesty for properties within town limits is in place allowing small fires and no burning restrictions are in force for properties outside of town limits – will be confirmed once the CFA’s Fire Danger Period ends. The timing of these amnesties and Danger Periods varies from year to year – check back here or at the CFA website for updates.