Community Planning Priorities for Glenburn

Published on 12 May 2023

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Council is proud to report the enormous success of the 25 March 2023, Glenburn Community Planning dinner. Thanks to all community members who attended and participated in building the future of their community.

The dinner was a wonderful evening, with around 80 people attending and enjoying a pleasant meal together while reviewing all the ideas for Glenburn that have been contributed over recent months. Participants then voted on the ideas that they wanted to see implemented in the short term, to improve the quality of life in Glenburn. In this way, the priority projects for the Glenburn Community Plan were established.

The six priority projects were (in no particular order):

  • Social events to help people connect with their neighbours
  • A local paper to assist with community communication
  • A market or fete for Glenburn
  • Community-run transport to Yea or Yarra Glen
  • Reviving the CFA breakfast and strengthening the Emergency Response Network
  • Advocating to RRV for increased road safety in Glenburn including to reduce speed limit

Actions Teams have now been formed to get these projects moving. If these projects interest you and you’d like to get involved, please get in touch with Council by calling 5772 0333 or by visiting and we can put you in touch with an Action Team.

The draft Plan is currently being created by community members and will soon be shared with the broader community for feedback and input.

Quotes attributable to Murrindindi Shire Council Mayor John Walsh.

"Opportunities to get to know each other, connect and talk about the future are essential for building a strong and vibrant community. It is heartening to see so many individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives coming together to contribute their ideas, identify improvements and work towards the most collectively beneficial solutions. This is the kind of community development that can lead to important and lasting change."


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