Council encourages residents to get involved in waste education

Published on 25 February 2019


For Council, as for many Murrindindi Shire community members, reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfill, improving recycling and minimising resource consumption are important priorities.

Councillor Eric Lording said Council’s goal is to improve environmental outcomes while maintaining waste service affordability for the community.

“Gone are the days where we purchased and discarded things without a second thought. These habits have seen us use up extraordinary amounts of natural resources and throw away – often carelessly – huge volumes of rubbish,” Cr Lording said.

“You might’ve heard about recycling processor SKM being ordered to close two of its facilities in Melbourne last week. Thankfully, this closure won’t affect kerbside recycling here in Murrindindi Shire, but it is yet another reminder that we all need to play our part in the thoughtful disposal of rubbish.

“Council has taken some important steps toward facilitating a more sustainable future for Murrindindi Shire. Importantly for recycling in our Shire, we have worked with recyclables processing contractor Visy Recycling to ensure our kerbside recycling service continues.

“We have also made disposing of green waste free at all five of our Resource Recovery Centres. We have launched two ‘Scrap Shacks’ which see reusable items rescued from our tips and sold for bargain prices to the community. We have supported the Alexandra Community Composting Project and Clean Up Australia Day events around the Shire. And we have worked with DELWP and Parks Victoria to launch an anti-rubbish dumping campaign targeting visitors to the Shire during holiday periods. 

“Late last year, we welcomed Grace Davies-Williams to our team. Ms Davis-Williams is leading a three-year waste education program, which is a collaborative initiative between Murrindindi, Mitchell and Strathbogie Shire Councils. The position has been funded through our contracts with Visy Recycling and Cleanaway.

“As Regional Waste and Resource Education Officer, Ms Davis-Williams will be facilitating waste education activities such as school visits, community tours, workshops, information events and online advertising. Through these activities, we hope to get everyone involved in managing waste more effectively and contributing to a more sustainable future.

“While there’s some key challenges and opportunities – such as what can and can’t be recycled, how to compost and how to reduce consumption -  we’re also really keen to hear from the community on waste issues nagging them and ideas for education events. As such, Ms Davis-Williams will be ‘popping up’ in a few spots around the Shire in the coming weeks, so be sure to take this opportunity to shape the future of waste in our region,” Cr Lording said.

“If you would like to discuss what types of educational programs you would like to see in relation to waste and resource recovery you can find Ms Davis-Williams and her clipboard for taking notes at the following locations:

  • At the Rotunda on Grant Street in Alexandra between 9am and 12pm on Friday, 15 March

  • Outside Yea Foodworks between 1pm and 4pm on Friday, 15 March

  • At the Marysville Market between 9am and 1pm on Sunday, 24 March

  • At Flying Tarts Bakery in Pheasant Creek between 8am and 11am on Friday, 22 March

“You can also fill in a survey at any Council office, library, visitor information centre or Resource Recovery Centre in the Shire. Alternatively, the survey is also available to fill out online, just click here.

“This is your chance! All the feedback and ideas we collect from these surveys and consultation sessions will be incorporated into the Waste Education Strategy, and inform Council’s waste management priorities into the future,” Cr Lording added.