Do your bit for the environment in Plastic Free July!

Published on 12 June 2020

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This July, as part of its ongoing efforts to increase sustainability and protect our environment, Murrindindi Shire Council is joining forces with Plastic Free July to talk with our community about single-use plastics and the steps we can take to reduce their use, so they don’t end up as rubbish. 

Council’s Environment, Library Services and Information Technology Portfolio Councillor, Rebecca Bowles said by making simple changes in our daily lives and habits, we can all work on reducing the single-use plastic waste each of us is sending to landfill. 

‘Council, together with Plastic Free July will be supporting residents with resources to help them make positive changes - especially at home. Plastic is everywhere in our homes and is a genuinely useful material, but so often we use it once and throw it away. With many of us working from home and staying home on weekends, we’ve seen a rise in home baking - and everyone seems to be planting veggie gardens! These activities can help us to reduce our consumption of plastic. 

‘Council wants our community to get behind the Plastic Free July campaign to take on the challenge of plastic waste reduction. The focus for Plastic Free July this year is on things all of us can easily change around the house including how we shop, what we cook and the types of products we use in the home. Personally, I plan to use recycled mesh produce bags and refuse to buy any fruit or vegetables wrapped in plastic. Even though I’m an avid recycler, it distresses me how much plastic I seem to accumulate in my bin that I can’t recycle. 

‘If you’d like to participate, enter your details here. You can take a pledge to reduce your reliance on single-use plastics for a day, a week or the entire month of July – you choose your level of commitment. If you want to go completely plastic-free for the whole month, go for it! Make changes that you think are going to be achievable and sustainable for you in the future. While the pledge you make is for July, the goal here is permanent behaviour change for the benefit of our environment – and our children’, Cr Bowles added.

How you can you get involved

Take the Plastic free challenge as an individual here 

Look at some popular ideas to reduce plastic waste 

Read inspiring stories of what others do 

Watch ‘A plastic Ocean’ on Netflix to get inspired!

How you can support 'plastic free' in Murrindindi Shire 

Volunteer or donate to the Boomerang Bags group in Kinglake or consider staring your own group.

Check out Embassy of Ideas in Alexandra on Facebook - all of their events are Plastic Free.

Find a local café that will reward you for bringing your own reusable takeaway coffee mug at

Support businesses that encourage plastic free purchases.

Let us know if you have any other ideas or know of other initiatives taking place in Murrindindi Shire, so we can help to spread the word and get others involved. 

Events and Activities

  • 'Introduction to Wholefood Cooking' (plastic free) with Jude Blereau

Sunday 19 July at 11.00 am. Register here

  • Watch ‘A Plastic Ocean’ on Netflix or iTunes


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