Firewood collection season ends 30 June

Published on 28 May 2021


Interested in collecting fallen timber for firewood? Residents can do so along certain Council-managed roadsides until 30 June, if they hold a permit. After this date, firewood collection will not be permitted again until 1 September. This is to prevent damage being caused to roadsides during wet winter conditions.

It is important to know that firewood collection is not permitted at all on roadsides with a high conservation value, as these areas contain important remnant vegetation and are protected. These protected roadsides are listed on your permit. If you are found to be collecting firewood without a permit or if you don’t follow the conditions set out in your permit, you may be liable for an infringement notice from Council.

Forest Fire Management Victoria (FFMV) designates a number of sites where firewood collection is also permitted on Crown land in Murrindindi Shire. You can view a list of these sites on the FFMV website by searching ‘Hume Region’. You can also give them a call on 136 186.

To obtain a permit, please click here or give us a call. When collecting firewood, you will need to follow any COVIDSafe requirements in place at the time.

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