Pest Animal Bait - Wild Dogs

Published on 25 March 2019


The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) is undertaking a pest animal poisoning program to control wild dogs on public land. The program will be running until the end of July 2019. Locations in Murrindindi Shire are listed in the table below.

Road/Track  Town
Boundary Road Limestome
Dip Creek Track Buxton
Dry Creek Hill Road Eildon
Falls Creek Road Murrindindi
Ginter Road Limestone
Ginters Road Limestone
Herbs Road/Track Rubicon
Mt Robertson Road Flowerdale/Kinglake Central
North Eastern Road Limestone/Murrindindi
Old Coach Road Narbethong
Parks Road Rubicon
Pitts Track Marysville/Narbethong
South Palmer Track Marysville
Telford Road Narbethong
Triangle Road Buxton/Marysville
Unnamed Tracks Marysville/Murrindindi/Narbethong
Vic Oak Track Marysville/Rubicon
Woods Lookout Track Marysville
Worcester Road Marysville

To minimise the risk of poisoning to your animals DELWP advises:

  • Confine, muzzle and/or restrain your domestic animals, particularly dogs and cats, to prevent them from accessing pest animal poison baits or carcasses.
  • Domestic animals, particularly dogs and cats, are susceptible to primary poisoning from ingesting pest animal bait products and secondary poisoning from ingesting contaminated carcasses. It is unusual for domestic animals to scavenge on dog/fox carcasses.
  • Closely monitor the health and behaviour of your companion animals or livestock. If you notice any unusual or uncharacteristic behaviour contact your local vet immediately.
  • There is a delay in the poison action and animals that have ingested pest animal bait products may die on your property.
  • Collect and destroy any poisoned carcasses you find by burning (in accordance with local regulations) or burying to a depth of at least 50cm for rabbits and at least 1 metre for foxes, wild dogs and feral pigs.
  • Always dispose of carcasses away from natural features such as waterways.

If poisoning occurs, immediately contact a vet or the Poisons Information Centre on 13 11 26.

For further information you can contact DELWP's Hume/North East Region Program Manager Wild Dogs, Tim Enshaw on (02) 6043 7953 or 0429 129 962.