Rabbit management in early-autumn

Published on 01 April 2021

Rabbit - pest.jpg

Did you know that rabbits are considered a serious pest in Victoria? They degrade our agricultural land, roads, parks and reserves, and they destroy native vegetation and compete with native animals for food and habitat. Rabbits are also well suited to Australian conditions and breed prolifically.

Landowners have a responsibility to take all reasonable steps to prevent the spread of rabbits and as far as possible, eradicate established pest animals from their land.

Rabbit control is most effective during early-Autumn, as breeding has generally paused during this time and rabbit populations are lower. To find out more information about how to manage rabbits on your property, click here. You can download our rabbit management brochure and we can also arrange to have the brochure and helpful fridge magnet sent to you, which will help you plan your rabbit management activities.

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