Ripper year for road grading

Published on 17 May 2019

Unsealed road grading - grader - website.jpg

Thanks to favourable weather conditions, Murrindindi Shire Council has been able to grade more than 350 kilometres of unsealed road around the shire in 2018/19.

Deputy Mayor Leigh Dunscombe said by the time the weather changes we’re hoping to have graded more than 400 kilometres of unsealed road, about double what we can usually get done in a season.

“Normally our roads crews are restricted to grading between October and April when conditions are dry enough to reshape the road surface and clean out the drains, so that any rainfall drains away well and the road lasts longer. Pot holes develop when water does not run off and instead pools on the surface of the road,” Cr Dunscombe said.

“This can be a real catch-22 though because we need to keep moisture at a certain level in the road surface to help with stabilisation and ensure it sets well and lasts as long as possible. As you can imagine, getting the balance right while being at the mercy of the weather is always tricky.

“While the dry weather was contributing to dusty roads, the weather this year has been kind in allowing us to get works complete. The recent rains have been fantastic in helping the freshly graded or resheeted roads to ‘set’.

“A big thanks to our roads crews who have worked especially hard – and are still at it – to take advantage of these conditions for the benefit of the community,” Cr Dunscombe said.