Community Planning

Let’s have dinner and talk about our future! 

The Community Planning Framework, developed by community working groups in 2018, is now being trialled in Yea, Marysville and Toolangi-Castella.

Council is inviting residents, business owners, farmers and community members for dinner and a chat in each of the trial towns.

The three dinners are an opportunity for the communities to come together to start talking about priority projects for the future of their towns. Groups and individuals from all different networks can share ideas and collaborate on potential solutions.  

Community planning aims to put communities in the driver’s seat. Communities themselves – with a bit of help from Council – will talk about their local strengths and challenges, identify priorities for their future and collaborate in the development and delivery of solutions for their towns.  

Long term the Project will see Council support each of the pilot towns to make detailed plans for what needs to happen to get from A (idea) to B (outcome).

This project wouldn't be possible without the generous support of Australia’s largest general insurer IAG, and their local brands CGU and WFI. 

Details of the dinners are as follows:

  • Yea - Thursday 16 May from 5.45 to 8.00 pm at Beaufort Manor
  • Toolangi/Castella - Thursday 30 May from 5.45 to 8.00 pm at CJ Dennis Hall
  • Marysville - Thursday 13 June from 5.45 to 8.00 pm at the Lakeview Room at Marysville Community Centre

For more information about the Project you can contact Council's Community Planning Unit on (03) 5772 0333 or via email at