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The Community Planning Framework, developed by community working groups in 2018, is currently being trialled in Toolangi-Castella. Community Planning aims to put communities in the driver's seat.

Following community planning meetings, local community members have started building a list of potential projects for Toolangi-Castella, as well as some collaborative approaches to delivering them. You can check out the list at the Toolangi Castella District Community House, and add your ideas too! For more information, including when the Community House is open click here.  

To get involved or learn more about community planning in Toolangi-Castella, email or phone 5772 0333.

The Toolangi-Castella Community Planning story so far...

Click on the links below to view notes and ideas from the meetings held so far.

20 June 2019 - Meeting Notes(PDF, 190KB)

30 May 2019 - Meeting Notes(PDF, 278KB)