The Dindi Sessions

The Dindi Sessions were born from songwriting sessions held in Kinglake and Alexandra in early 2020. Following these sessions, young artists from across the shire were given the opportunity to record their original songs in a pop up recording studio.

The Dindi Sessions 2.0 have recently been recorded in early 2021, featuring young artists from Alexandra, Yea, Kinglake and across the Shire. Keep an eye on the Youth Services social media pages for track releases, live from 29 May 2021.

We are also proud to announce the first 'Dindi Sessions' album, available on online stores. 

Check out some of the 2020 artists below.

Satis Intent

Satis Intent bring exciting indie-rock vibes to their emotive tracks 'Envious' and 'Cherry River'. The band has been playing together for a number of years and have refined their music to tell a complex tale through beautifully crafted lyrics. We are excited to follow Satis Intent into the next phase of their music career.




Cherri Anderson

Cherri's powerful voice has grown from strength to strength over her performing career. She loves to be on stage and plans to release an EP in the future. Cherri has already amassed a strong following through her short time in the music industry.



Neeah Bullock

Neeah is an energetic young up-and-coming artist. She is a talented songwriter that draws on her life experiences to tell her story, sharing openly and honestly with her audience.

See Neeah's one-sheet here(PDF, 791KB)


Emma Pyle

Emma's soulful tune 'Overcome' featured in The Dindi Sessions, and conveys resilience and strength through her beautiful lyrics and melodic voice. Emma's message is thoughtful and complex, and showcases her developing songwriting skills.  


Emma one-sheet(PDF, 872KB)

Sienna Taylor

Sienna has been performing live since she was just 11 and in January 2020 released her original song, 'When Will I Know'. Sienna's new song 'T', written and recorded through The Dindi Sessions, tells a story of a lasting friendship through a catchy, playful tune. 

Sienna one-sheet(PDF, 925KB)


Larni Bullock

With a wonderful stage presence and talent that is constantly growing and emerging, Larni brings us her original song 'Getting There' through The Dindi Sessions.

Larni one-sheet(PDF, 808KB)

Maya O'Loughlin

Maya conveys a bright and cheerful tone through her songwriting, with lyrics that will whisk you away to sunny days. She displays a talent well beyond her years, and we look forward to watching her grow as an artist in the future. 

Maya one-sheet(PDF, 874KB)


Molly Maddox

Molly's grungy rock vibe is unlike anything we have heard in The Dindi Sessions this far. Molly expresses her impressive vocal range in her song 'Parapsychology', one that is best played up loud!

Molly one-sheet(PDF, 828KB)

Kylah Bullock

'Outrun This Life' from Kylah Bullock could have been a song dropped straight from the 80's. The synth-y vibes and melodic tones take us to another dimension, and is a real flashback for those who remember days gone by!

Dedicated to

Local band Dedicated To have wowed us with their rock vibe and soaring vocals. We are excited to see the next original songs that come out of this progressive trio.