Emergency Management Resources

For emergencies dial 000. 

VicEmergency Hotline 

In 2016, the VicEmergency Hotline was been created for warnings, preparedness and recovery information, planned burns and more.

The hotline replaced the old Victoria Bushfire Information Line (VBIL), SES Information Line, Victorian Emergency Recovery Information Line, and others from DEDJTR and DELWP.

The new phone number is - 1800 226 226 

emergency.vic.gov.au is a combined source of emergency information and warnings. 

Murrindindi Shire Emergency Information

Emergency Broadcasters

In an emergency you should only get information from a verified source. The following stations are authorized emergency broadcast radio frequencies in the Murrindindi Shire.

ABC Radio

  • 621 AM Radio National
  • 774 AM Melbourne ABC

Local Radio

  • UGFM Stations
    • FM 106.9 Alexandra / Lake Eildon
    • FM 88.9 Yea / Highlands
    • FM  98.5 Marysville / Lake Mountain
    • FM 98.9 Flowerdale
    • FM 94.5 Kinglake Ranges

    Online Streaming - www.ugfm.org

  • ABC Radio
    • Alexandra - 102.9FM / 774AM
    • Eildon - 98.1FM / 774AM
    • Hazeldene / Flowerdale - 97.3FM / 774AM
    • Marysville / Kinglake / Yea - 774AM
  • Star FM
    • Alexandra / Eildon / Yea - 93.7FM

Prepare for an emergency

Emergency Management Plan

The Murrindindi Shire Municipal Emergency Management Plan (MEMP) addresses the prevention of, response to and recovery from emergencies within the Murrindindi Shire. It is the result of the co-operative efforts of the emergency management planning committee with assistance from Victoria State Emergency Service North East Regional Headquarters. The MEMP does not attempt to reinvent the wheel and actively recognises the previous planning activities of the municipal area. 

Municipal Emergency Management Plan - Murrindindi Shire Council(PDF, 3MB)

Catastrophic Fire Danger Days - Procedures

Murrindindi Shire Council will implement a number of changes to its operations when the Fire Danger Rating is declared ‘Catastrophic’ in the North Central Fire Ban District. For more information on Fire Danger Ratings, visit About Fire Danger Ratings | CFA (Country Fire Authority).

Council Office Operation

Where practicable, Council offices in Alexandra, Yea and Kinglake will continue customer service operations. Library Services will also, where practicable, operate as normal at Alexandra, Kinglake and Yea.

Staff Travel and Council Meetings

All non-essential staff travel and Council meetings will be suspended. This includes mobile library operations, property inspections and outdoor works.

Local Laws

Officers will continue to respond to emergency callouts where there is imminent danger to human life. All non-essential services will be postponed.

Resource Recovery Centres

All Resource Recovery Centres and Alexandra Landfill will be closed to the public.

Kerbside Waste Collection

Waste collections will take place only where practicable.

Community Services

Maternal and Child Health Services in Yea and Alexandra will operate as normal subject to staff availability. Services will not operate in Eildon, Toolangi, Marysville, Kinglake and Flowerdale due to elevated risk.

Aged and Disability Services will be restricted to essential services only. Where possible, contact will be made with vulnerable clients informing them of service restrictions.

Family Day Care and In Home Child Care will operate in accordance with the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (DEECD) directives to local primary and secondary education facilities.  Child care will continue to be offered, subject to educator availability, in Eildon, Alexandra and Yea.  Services based in areas where local schools are directed to close on Catastrophic Fire Danger Days will not operate.

Pools, Parks and Recreation

Only Alexandra and Yea swimming pools will operate on Catastrophic Fire Danger Days. Council managed outdoor recreation reserves, parks and the Great Victorian Rail Trail will remain open.

Updated Information

Council’s website will be updated with emergency information where practicable.

Municipal Fire Management Plan

The Murrindindi Shire and Lake Mountain Municipal Fire Management Planning Committee (MFMPC) formed in 2011 and include members from DELWP, CFA, Murrindindi Shire Council and Lake Mountain Alpine Resort. The committee is supported at a regional level by the Hume Region Strategic Fire Management Planning Committee and at a State level by the State Fire Management Planning Committee.

A key responsibility of the MFMPC is the development of a Municipal Fire Management Plan(PDF, 3MB), which aligns with the Hume Regional Strategic Fire Management Plan 2011-2021.

This plan describes how regional authorities, local government, fire agencies and other relevant organisations can work together to effectively anticipate, respond to and recover from bushfire events affecting Murrindindi Shire.

Essential Water Replacement

The Country Fire Authority Act 1958 (s30 and s32) provides powers to the Country Fire Authority (CFA) and the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) to take water from any waterway or any other water supply on public and private land for firefighting purposes. 

The Essential Water Replacement Scheme was put in place for the replacement of essential water used during bushfire operations by Victoria’s fire agencies.  

In the event of fire, regardless of where it starts if essential water is taken from domestic tanks and stock or irrigation dams for fire fighting purposes, water needed for essential use will be replaced (quantity taken) when requested by the Landholder.   

Essential water is defined as Water required to sustain:

  • the health of affected residents and pets
  • the health and productivity of their stock
  • agricultural and horticultural crops, permanent plantings and intensive industries.

If you believe essential water needs replacing on your property, you need to submit an essential water replacement claim form if you'd like the water back. 

For a copy of form please click here(DOCX, 79KB) or visit ffm.vic.gov.au for more information. 

Emergency Broadcasters

Tune in to emergency broadcasters for updates, alerts and messages.

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