Extreme weather event latest advice


Severe Weather Warnings - Emergency Services 

Call SES on 132 500 for all flood storm emergencies.
We encourage all Murrindindi Shire residents to keep up to date with the emerging extreme weather events in their local areas. While Council will always share information as it comes through to us, the relevant emergency agency will be best placed to answer your questions and provide further support.
  1. The Vic Roads Traffic website will provide you with up-to-date information on any road closures https://traffic.vicroads.vic.gov.au/
  2. The SES website is a wealth of information for planning and practical advice for emergencies, as well as a place in which to report or seek assistance during or after an emergency https://www.ses.vic.gov.au/
  3. The Vic Emergency website/app https://emergency.vic.gov.au
  4. Ausnet outages website, to see up to date information on electricity outages https://www.outagetracker.com.au/
  5. Flood Recovery hotline, assisting Community and Councils  with clean up efforts. The hotline number is 1800 560 760 or you can visit their website for further information https://emergency.vic.gov.au/relief/#current_events  


Emergency relief centres

Relief Centres are currently closed. 
Call SES on 132 500 for all flood storm emergencies. 

Safety alert - waterways

Goulburn River downstream of Lake Eildon Pondage extending to Seymour

Be aware that water flows are anticipated to be higher and stronger than usual.

Beware of waterways during and after heavy rain. Waterways may contain debris such as trees and logs, with increased potential for snags, logjams under bridges and debris creating barriers across all or part of the river and may also cause entrapment.

Hazardous conditions are expected to remain for the next few weeks until water levels subside.

For more information, visit https://transportsafety.vic.gov.au/maritime-safety/newsroom/safety-alertgoulburn-river-hazardous-conditions-downstream-of-lake-eildon-pondage-to-seymour