Grants and financial assistance


Emergency Relief Payments

If your home has been affected by flooding, you can get a one-off emergency payment. This payment is for immediate relief, including:

  • food
  • shelter
  • clothing
  • medication
  • accommodation

Emergency financial assistance is available for all community members whose homes have been impacted by the current flood emergency in Victoria to help them to meet their relief needs.

Visit the DFFH Personal Hardship Assistance Program webpage for more information on emergency relief payments.

Re-establishment Assistance

You can get financial help to return home if:

  • You cannot live in your home because it is damaged or destroyed OR
  • You cannot access your home for more than 7 days because of flooding

This is called "re-establishment assistance". It is only available for your principal place of residence and is means tested.

Re-establishment assistance can help to pay for:

  • clean-up
  • emergency accommodation
  • repairs
  • rebuilding your home
  • replacing some damaged contents

This help is means tested. You can only get it if you:

  • do not have building (home) insurance or contents insurance AND
  • are experiencing financial hardship

Call the Flood Recovery Hotline on 1800 560 760 to find out if you can get financial help to return home. The hotline can also help you learn about other help available.

For more information on the Personal Hardship assistance program, Visit the DFFH Personal Hardship Assistance Program webpage for more information on re-establishment payments. 

Disaster Recovery Allowance (DRA)

The disaster recovery allowance (DRA) is for employees and sole traders who lose income because of a major disaster. You can get payments for up to 13 weeks after the disaster happens. These payments are taxable and eligibility criteria applies.

Find out more and apply through Services Australia - Disaster recovery allowance

Australian Government Disaster Recovery Payment (AGDRP)

The AGDRP is for people who have suffered a significant loss because of the floods. This includes if your home was:

  • severely damaged or destroyed,
  • if you suffered a serious injury
  • or a major asset/s (combined market value of $20,000 or more)

If you are eligible, adults can receive $1,000 and children under 16 years of age can receive $400.

The Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions have also provided a factsheet with information about grants and support(PDF, 123KB)  for businesses.

Financial Counselling

Financial counselling is a free and confidential service available for anyone affected by an emergency. 

A financial counsellor can help you to:

  • access relief for utility bills and other payments
  • understand your government income and other entitlements
  • negotiate with your bank on debt issues
  • identify if your insurance outcome is fair and appropriate
  • provide you with options and can advocate on your behalf.

National Debt Helpline - 1800 007 007

Anyone struggling financially due to an emergency can contact the National Debt Helpline on 1800 007 007 or use the live chat on the website. The service is open from 9.30am to 4.30pm, Monday to Friday and the counsellors can put you in contact with your local face-to-face financial counselling service.