Mozzies love warm, wet conditions and stagnant water creates ideal conditions for living and breeding. 

Warm and wet weather, like we have at the moment, can lead to increased risk of mosquito-borne diseases, including Barmah Forest virus, Ross River virus, Japanese encephalitis, and Murray Valley encephalitis. 

In rare cases, these diseases can cause life threatening illnesses.  

The best way to protect yourself is to avoid mozzie bites by: 

  • Covering up with long, loose-fitting and light-coloured clothing
  • Applying mozzie repellents containing picaridin or DEET on all exposed skin
  • Screening up by covering all windows, doors, vents, and other entrances with insect screens
  • Cleaning up by removing stagnant water from around your home, including small pools in buckets and trays 

Find out more about how to protect yourself from mosquito-borne disease by visiting the Victorian Government Better Health Channel. They have resources that will help you to choose the best mozzie repellent and how to mozzie-proof your home and your holiday.