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The Community Planning Framework, developed by community working groups in 2018, is currently being trialled in Toolangi-Castella. Community Planning aims to put communities in the driver's seat.

Following a number Community Planning meetings, local community members have started building a list of potential projects for Toolangi-Castella, as well as some collaborative approaches to delivering them.

Click here(PDF, 928KB) to download the Toolangi-Castella Community Planning flyer.

The next Community Planning meeting will be held on Monday 25 November from 7pm at the Toolangi-Castella Community House. If you would like to come along to this meeting, or learn more about community planning in Toolangi-Castella, email or phone 5772 0333.

The Toolangi-Castella Community Planning story so far...

Click on the links below to view notes and ideas from the meetings held so far.

22 October 2019 - Meeting Notes(PDF, 11KB)

10 September 2019 - Meeting Notes(PDF, 181KB)

20 June 2019 - Meeting Notes(PDF, 190KB)

30 May 2019 - Meeting Notes(PDF, 278KB)