Ghin Ghin Road Works

Council will be carrying out roadworks to improve safety and drivability on Ghin Ghin Road from 4 April until early May 2019.

Road users will experience some delays for the duration of the works, but Ghin Ghin Road won’t be closed.

This project has three stages:

  1. Rehabilitation - week starting 1 April to approximately 15 April

  2. Granite Hills Road sealing - week starting 15 April to approximately 22 April

  3. Installation of guard rail -  week starting 15 April to approximately 6 May

The rehabilitation process involves:

  • Removal of existing road surface and the first 100mm of failing road pavement

  • Stabilisation of the remaining road pavement using cement and lime treatment additives

  • Topping-up 100mm of existing pavement with fine crushed rock 

  • Sealing the surface - bitumen seal for road surfaces and asphalt treatments for bridge decking surfaces

 Guard rail works include:

  • Extension of guard rail along the 'bridge approaches' of selected bridges

  • Installation of guard rail at major culvert crossings and on bridges that lack current guard rail

Granite Hills and Ghin Ghin Roads intersection works include:

  • Improving the current gravel pavement conditions in preparation for sealing

  • Sealing the entry using a bitumen seal to reduce volume of gravel spilling onto Ghin Ghin Road from Granite Hills Road


Ghin Ghin Road works.png

The following culverts and bridges will undergo construction works:

  • Ghin Ghin Road bridge
  • Ghin Ghin Road culvert
  • Old Ghin Ghin Road culvert
  • Switzerland Road bridge
  • Highlands Road culvert


This project is being completed as part of the Victorian Government's 'Fixing Country Roads Program'.