Kinglake West - Pheasant Creek Streetscape Upgrade

We’re excited to announce that the initial concept plan for the Kinglake West - Pheasant Creek Streetscape Upgrade is now available for community feedback. 

Click here(PDF, 6MB) to download the concept plan.

Click here(PDF, 233KB) to download possible landscaping plants and materials.

The concept plan aims to improve the function, safety and appearance of the main street from Jorgensen Parade to Watsons Road. It includes upgrading and formalising the parking area that sits adjacent to the Flying Tarts Bakery and also looks at establishing town-entry points. This means creating new town-entry signage at either end of the town to let people know they are entering a township. This idea originally came from the Kinglake Ranges, Flowerdale and Toolangi Planning and Design Framework.

Council is also interested in hearing what the community thinks about narrowing the road width on the approach to the town. This signifies to drivers they are about to enter a township, which is a useful safety measure, as it generally encourages traffic to slow down. Landscaping and beautification is also proposed.

We’re in the early stages of the Project, so we’re keen to gather as many ideas as possible so the upgrade really works for the Kinglake West - Pheasant Creek community. At this stage, we have Council-funding to undertake the detailed design for the Project. However, we will need to secure funding to complete the construction and will be seeking grant funding to deliver the works, hopefully in the next couple of years. 

If you’d like to learn more about the concept plan and provide your feedback, an online consultation session will be held at 7.00 pm on Thursday 13 August. To register your attendance, please complete the registration form below. 

If you can’t attend the session – click here to complete a short online survey. Feedback is open until 2 September 2020. 

As part of the project, we’d also like the community's input on another issue. Community members might be aware that following inadvertent damage by a Council contractors, we needed to remove most of an established tree at the Kinglake West Bushfire Memorial. We know this has caused the community great sadness – it has caused us distress as well. We would like to work with the community and help create something memorable from the stump of the tree (in its current location) and the trunk that has already been removed. One idea is to have a local artist create a sculpture from the tree. We think this is a wonderful idea! We are open to further suggestions from the community either at the online consultation session or via the survey

Click here to view form.