Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program

Council has received a total of $2.188 million in funding to deliver 20 priority projects for the community, as part of the Australian Government’s ‘Local Roads and Community Infrastructure Program’ (LRCI Program).

These projects include

Project Description  Status  
Kinglake Memorial Reserve  Rectification of the cricket nets Completed  
Kinglake Memorial Reserve Court 1 - Synthetic tennis court surface replacement
Tumbling Waters Toilet block renewal Completed  
Yea Railway Reserve Playground Installation of a spinner to complete master plan works Completed  
Road sealing in Yea Sealing of Craigie Street, Marshbank Street and Smith Street In progress  
Gordons Bridge Road, Castella Installation of signage, guideposts and other safety upgrades. Completed  
Brooks Cutting Road, Alexandra  Installation of signage, guideposts, driveable end walls and other safety upgrades. Replacement of concrete drain and vegetation works. In progress  
Buxton Reserve Installation of path lighting.  Completed  
Bayley Street, Alexandra Extend footpath on Bayley Street through to Maroondah Highway intersection.  Completed  
Road sealing in Yea Sealing the unsealed section of Anne and Mary Streets In progress  
Watsons Road, Kinglake West Create an asphalt footpath on Watsons Road from Kelly Court to Whittlesea-Kinglake Road Completed  
Yea Pioneer Reserve Installation of seating  Completed  
Alexandra Swimming Pool Pump upgrades In progress
Eildon Swimming Pool
New swimming pool liner installation
In progress   
Kinglake-Glenburn Road, Kinglake
Replacement of underground drains
In progress  
Mt Kitchner Avenue, Marysville
Replacement of underground drains and installation of kerb
In progress  
Main Street and Utah Place, Eildon
Install sub-surface drainage and road and kerb upgrades
In progress  
Leckie Park, Alexandra
 Cricket net and pitch replacement
Still to be completed  
Kinglake Memorial Reserve
Court 2 - Synthetic tennis court surface replacement Completed