Minimising our footprint

Waste Minimisation

We can all minimise our environmental impact by consciously making decisions about how we dispose of our waste, and developing ways to reduce the quantity of waste we generate. The waste management hierarchy stipulates the most desirable method of disposal, where each method should be considered prior to disposal to landfill.

environmental preferences

Many items are reusable or recyclable in some way, and Resource Recovery Centres offer a wide range of recycling options for several different products.

Waste minimisation in the home

You can reduce your environmental footprint by managing your waste more efficiently at home. For specific methods on how to reduce your waste, see our Household Waste Minimisation Guide(PDF, 146KB).

Organic waste such as food scraps, as well as some items of garden waste can be composted. For a guide on how to start and maintain a compost bin, download our Composting Guide(PDF, 317KB).

For more information

For more information on recycling processes, waste minimisation or other waste management topics, the factsheets below can be downloaded, or a print copy can be collected from the Shire office or at RRCs.