Temporary Accommodation Provisions

Temporary Accommodation Provisions were introduced after the 2009 bushfires to allow some landowners to reside in temporary accommodation - such as caravans and sheds - until their dwelling was rebuilt. In 2015, the Victorian Government extended the Provisions, which are set out in Clause 52.13 of the Murrindindi Planning Scheme, until 30 September 2018, to allow bushfire affected landowners more time to apply for planning permits for new dwellings.

Council has been advised by the Victorian Minister for Planning that a further extension to these Temporary Accommodation Provisions has been granted and will be in place until 30 September 2019.

The additional one-year extension will allow Council and State Government agencies to determine the extent and circumstances of those still living in temporary accommodation arrangements, including any future housing and accommodation options for affected households.

Council can provide information to residents still using temporary accommodation and help them make plans for their future accommodation needs.

For further information please contact Council's Planning Unit on (03) 5772 0333.