Organising an event in Murrindindi Shire

Organising an event in Murrindindi Shire


Whether you are hosting an event for the first time or have previous experience hosting events, you may need to check whether permission from Council or other providers is required. Business Victoria has put together a free online 'Guided Planning Tool' which runs through a series of questions relating to your event and once complete will advise of the processes required to move forward. The 'Guided Planning Tool' takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and is a helpful starting point for first time event organisers. 

Register your Event


If you are holding an event in Murrindindi Shire, you are required to complete an Event Notification Form so we can help support your event and guide you through the process. It is recommended that you submit the form as early as possible to ensure that there is enough time to obtain any Council permits, such as a Temporary Road Closure permit, Place of Public Entertainment permit, Asset Protection permit, Street Trader or Local Laws permits, before your event takes place.


Once received, you will be contacted about your event and any Council requirements within 7 business days. If a permit is required, you may be asked to provide further supporting information.


**Note: you do not need to go through the Event Notification process if you are holding a small gathering or event at your own home or property, this process is only for events that are on Council-managed land, other crown land or private land where a planning permit may be required. If you are unsure, please get in touch with our Events team. 


Event Notification Form


Council's Events team can assist event organisers by providing advice on any permits or requirements that may be needed to hold an event. For more information, please get in touch by calling (03) 5772 0333 or emailing

You may also be eligible to apply for an event support grant, please see our Grants and Contributions web page for more information.


Permit application process

Once you have submitted an Event Notification form, the information provided is reviewed and then circulated to relevant Council departments for feedback. Within that time you may receive a phone call from a Council officer to discuss you event plans in more detail, otherwise an email will then be sent to you within 7 days listing out any other requirements and permits that you may need for your event and how to apply. 

If permits are required, you will need to submit an application for each permit you need. The relevant Council departments will assess your applications and issue permits separately. 

Providing upfront information for all your event plans including a list of food vendors, entertainment etc. will help us better assess your application and make sure you receive the right permits. 

Please keep in mind that incomplete information or any changes made after your application has been submitted may result in delays or a resubmission of your application.


To ensure there is enough time to obtain necessary information or permits, the following timeframes should be used as a minimum before your event takes place:

  • small (20–500 people) – 3 months in advance
  • medium (500–1,000 people) – 4 to 6 months in advance
  • large (1,000–4,000 people) – 7 to 10 months in advance
  • very large (4,000 or more people) – 12 months in advance

Events on private land

If you are planning to host an event on private land, you may need to apply for a Planning Permit based on the location of the event. Please visit the Planning Permits section for more information. 

Please note if a Planning Permit is required, you will need to start the process at least 6 months in advance. 

If you are unsure if your event needs a Planning Permit, please contact Council's Events team as soon as possible by calling (03) 5772 0333 or emailing 

Local Laws

You may need to apply for a Local Law Permit if you wish to do any of the following:

  • Hold an event on public land 
  • Close off certain roads temporarily 
  • Alter the flow of traffic for the duration of your event
  • Require permission for public land access
  • Consume alcohol at your event

Apply for a Local Laws Short Term Activity permit

Please note:
an event that takes place on an arterial road will require a Regional Roads Victoria Event Permit which can take between 6-8 weeks.  

If you are unsure whether you require a Local Laws Permit, please contact Council's Events team by calling (03) 5772 0333 or emailing

Road closures for events

If your event requires road closures or to alter the flow of traffic on local or arterial roads for any period of time, you will be required to obtain a Traffic Management Plan supplied by an accredited provider. It is also the event organisers responsibility to implement the Traffic Management Plan using suitably qualified traffic managers. 

To apply to close a local road you will need to complete a Local Law Permit application and submit this together with a Traffic Management Plan.
To apply to close an arterial road you will need to lodge an application with Regional Roads Victoria together with a Traffic Management Plan.
If you are unsure if your event needs a road closure, please contact Council's Events team by calling (03) 5772 0333 or emailing

Inflatables, including jumping castles

Inflatable devices can be hazardous if they are not set up and operated correctly. Council has a permit process in place to minimise risk and keep our community safe.

When completing an Event Notification Form, event organisers will be asked to notify Council if they are planning to have any inflatables or jumping castles at their event.

Where applicable, our Events team will be in touch with the event organiser to step them through the permit process, which requires event organisers to provide evidence that demonstrates they meet and will operate in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards. 

Anyone who does NOT meet these requirements, will NOT be permitted to use inflatables on Council-managed land.

Note, the same requirements apply for any events held on public land managed by Council within Murrindindi Shire, including markets and birthday parties. 

Asset Protection Permits

Some events may require an Asset Protection Permit when there is an increased risk of damage to Council’s assets and infrastructure. A cost is associated with this permit, however this fee can be waived for not-for-profit and community run events. 

If you are unsure whether you require an Asset Protection permit, please contact Council's Events team on (03) 5772 0333 or by emailing

Serving food and beverages at your event

If you are planning to sell or serve food at your event or have food and non-alcoholic beverage vendors, you and your vendors will need to register with FoodTrader.


If you intend to serve or sell alcohol, or have alcohol at your event, you will need to register with Liquor Control Victoria


If you are unsure if your event needs registration with FoodTrader or Liquor Control Victoria, please contact Council's Events team by calling (03) 5772 0333 or emailing

Event Management Plans (EMP) and safety

Emergency Management Victoria has produced a set of guidelines, contained in the document Victorian Guidelines for Planning Safe Public Events(PDF, 4MB)

The majority of events require an Event Management Plan to ensure the safe running of the event. You can use our Sample Event Management Plan Template(DOC, 369KB), alternatively you may wish to use your own or one that you've sourced elsewhere. 


Event organisers should ensure that first aid services are considered for their event and if a commercial (paid) first aid service is provided that it complies with the The Non-Emergency Patient Transport and First Aid Services Act 2003 (the Act) and associated Non-Emergency Patient Transport and First Aid Services (First Aid Services) Regulations 2021. More information is available here.


For more information, please contact Council's Events team by calling (03) 5772 0333 or emailing

Place of public entertainment (POPE)

If you are planning to erect temporary structures for your event or are holding an event in a location that is deemed not to be normal practice (e.g. a music concert on a football oval), this area is classed as a Place of Public Entertainment.


Under the building act 1993 and Regulations 2006, you must obtain a POPE Occupancy permit from Council.


POPE application form


You might need to apply for a POPE if you are:

  • Planning to use temporary structures (tents or marquees bigger than 100 square metre, prefabricated buildings not placed directly on the ground, a stage bigger than 150m or orchestra pit covers
  • Planning to have terraced seating (seating stands) for more than 20 persons
  • Planning to host an event that is substantially enclosed
  • Charging admission 
  • Planning to host an event in a venue bigger than 500 square metre unless:

(i) the place is used for the purposes of conducting an event or activity which is organised and controlled by a community-based organisation; and
(ii) the number of persons in the place at any one time during the event or activity does not exceed 5000. 


If you are unsure if your event needs a POPE Permit, please contact Council's Events team by calling (03) 5772 0333 or emailing

Waste management

When holding an event please ensure that all litter is managed in a responsible way to prevent it from entering the surrounding area during and after your event. Waste must be sorted into recycling and landfill with adequate signage on bins. If Council is required to undertake any additional cleaning to restore the area to its pre-event condition, you may incur a charge.


Council can provide up to 2 recycling and 2 garbage bins free of charge in support of your event, for events that implement recycling. Additional event bins are charged at $20.70 per recycling bin and $24.80 per garbage bin. Event bin lids can be provided free of charge to help clearly identify garbage and recycling bins.


Event bins are requested at the time the Event Notification Form is submitted. If you need to do this at a later date, please complete the Event Bin Request Form below at least 2 weeks before your event.


Events with over 1000 attendees area also required to complete a Waste Management Plan(PDF, 377KB).


Event Bin Request form


For more information, please contact Council's Events team by calling (03) 5772 0333 or emailing


Facilities and Utility Hire

Council manages eight venues across Murrindindi Shire that are available to book for your event. These include:

  • Alexandra Shire Hall
  • Alexandra Council Chambers
  • Kinglake Community Centre
  • Kinglake Service Centre - Meeting Room
  • Thornton Memorial Hall
  • Yea Council Chambers
  • Yea Railway Reserve and Goods Shed
  • Yea Shire Hall

    If you would like to make a booking for a venue managed by Council please complete the booking form


If you require access to electrical power outlets or keys for sites, buildings or other Council assets for your event you need to fill in utility authorisation form


For more information, please contact Council's Events team by calling (03) 5772 0333 or emailing for further information and support.

Event signage and banners

Some of Murrindindi Shire’s township entry signs enable the attachment of promotional banners and signs for community events and activities.


Event organisers wishing to display promotional banners/signs on the major township entrance signs across Alexandra, Eildon, Kinglake, Marysville and Yea, will need to contact Council's Events team to book a spot. Event organisers wishing to use smaller township signage can do so without needing to book.


Further details on township entrance sign guidelines, locations, size and dimensions please refer to the following document Township Entrance Signs Locations and Guidelines(DOCX, 275KB)


For more information, please contact Council's Events team by calling (03) 5772 0333 or emailing

Promote your event

You can promote your approved event on Council's 'What’s On Murrindindi' calendar and the Discover Dindi website, along with many other websites by listing with ATDW free of charge.

We also encourage event organisers to utilise social media to promote their event where feasible via both local community groups and paid advertising to target markets. In addition, you may wish to consider other means of promoting your event via print media, posters and banners or via radio and TV.  

For more information, please visit How to create an ATDW event listing. To discuss how you can promote your event, contact Council's Events team by calling (03) 5772 0333 or emailing