Asset Management and Disposal Policies

Asset Management Policy

Council is committed to ensuring that all Council assets are appropriately managed and relevant to community needs. Council's Asset Management Policy 2022 intends to:

  • establish a framework to ensure that asset management is undertaken in a structured, coordinated, cost effective and financially sustainable manner
  • guide the ongoing review and updating of Council’s Asset Management Strategy and Asset Management Plans
  • ensure Council budgets include discretionary and non-discretionary elements
  • budgets are set such that appropriate levels of non-discretionary funding is made available for renewal, maintenance and operation of existing assets ahead of discretionary funding for new assets and asset upgrades to ensure ongoing provision of existing levels of services
  • guide Council’s decision making with respect to life cycle costing, the Capital Works Program, the Long Term Financial Plan, service reviews and annual budgets

To read the Policy, click here(PDF, 406KB).

Asset Disposal Policy

Council's Asset Disposal Policy provides a systematic, transparent and accountable method for the disposal of Council-owned assets in accordance with Council policies and all appropriate legislation and accounting standards.

To read the Policy, click here(PDF, 82KB).