Street and Public Lighting

Council's Street and Public Lighting Installation Policy(PDF, 91KB) provides a framework for assessing the need for new street and public lighting installations.

Street lighting requests

Council is responsible for paying for the operation and maintenance costs for public lighting. Within main road and highway areas lighting costs are shared with VicRoads. Council has a role in approving all public lighting installations.

Reporting street lighting faults

All standard street lights within public roads are serviced by AusNet Services and its contractors. If you wish to report a street light fault or outage in a public road, please contact AusNet using their email

Please quote your National Metering Identifier shown on your bill, your name, address and the nature of the fault lighting in public places.

Please note some decorative lighting is owned and maintained by the Council. Any matters concerning decorative lights should be raised with the Council.

Requests for additional street lighting

If you believe additional lighting is required, you can make a request to Council and officers will assess the area and arrange the installation of additional lighting if required.

Requests can be made by reading the Street and Public Lighting Installation Policy(PDF, 91KB) and completing the application form(PDF, 93KB). Forms should then be emailed to including details of the precise location and circumstances.

Complaints about street lighting

In circumstances where an adjoining owner considers that a public street light is causing a nuisance to particular property or persons, a request can be made for an assessment by Council.

Annoying street lighting may be resolved by measures such as moving or redirecting the light or installing a shield to the front or rear of the light. If such measures are agreed by Council, the costs for the works are to be paid by the person who has made the request.

Requests to address street lighting issues can be made by contacting Council’s Community Assets Department on (03) 5772 0333 or by email at