Unused Road Reserves

Enquiries regarding the leasing or purchase of an unused road reserve should be directed to the Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning (DELWP), Seymour office on (03) 5735 4300.

DELWP seek confirmation from Council if the road is required for public traffic. Council is then required to follow the process of Section 223 of the Local Government Act 1989 to advertise for submissions. A report is presented to council for a decision to be made and the Department of Environment, Land, Water & Planning is notified of the outcome. They will then issue a licence to lease the unused road reserve or commence the process of sale of the unused road reserve - whichever is applicable.

Construction of an unused road reserve is at the expense of the property owner. Council requires written advice about why the unused road reserve is to be constructed, plus a plan of the road design.

If construction of the unused road reserve is for the property owner’s own access purposes, the access track needs to be constructed with approval from council engineers. Maintenance of an access track will remain the responsibility of the property owner.

If you wish to construct the unused road reserve to a standard for council to maintain, council’s engineers will set a minimum standard for construction and will require a design to be submitted for approval.

For further information regarding any of the above please contact Council's Community Assets Department on (03) 5772 0333.