Gallipoli Park Precinct

Contact: Jeanette Tyrrell 

Phone: 0491 292 409


The Marysville Community Centre, which forms part of Gallipoli Park Precinct, is available on request for hire - the upstairs rooms and small industrial kitchen can be booked for conferences, small meetings, or catered events up to approx. 100 with COVID-19 restrictions.

The downstairs club rooms, industrial kitchen and stadium which are booked by the Marysville Cricket Club and the Marysville Football and Netball Club - for six months each. This area can be used by other groups if needed and provided it doesn't interfere with either of the clubs practice or matches.

The stadium is suitable for large gatherings, with carpet laid over the floor for events. It can also accommodate netball and basketball competitions and there are 'bleaches' available for seating a crowd.

Famil tours of the Centre are available on request by contacting Jeanette Tyrrell.