Click here(PDF, 990KB) to download the Community Asset Committee Governance Manual. 

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Format of Accounts(XLSX, 34KB)

Agenda(DOCX, 217KB)

General Meeting Minute Agenda(DOCX, 221KB)

AGM Meeting Minutes(DOCX, 221KB)

Notice of AGM Advertisement(DOCX, 38KB)

Cash Book(XLSX, 33KB)

Annual Report(DOCX, 31KB)

Financial Report(XLSX, 33KB)

Bank Reconciliation(DOCX, 38KB)

Maintenance Request(DOCX, 327KB)

Facility Condition Checklist(DOCX, 28KB)

Facility Hire Agreement(DOCX, 694KB)

Public Liability Insurance Hires of Council Facilities(DOCX, 417KB)

Risk Assessment and Hazard Identification(DOCX, 43KB)

Volunteer Information(DOCX, 898KB)

Volunteer Attendance(DOCX, 209KB)

Event Plan(DOCX, 34KB)