Accommodation premises regulations

Caravan Parks

All caravan parks must be registered with Council's Environmental Health Unit. Registration is valid for three years.

If you are purchasing a Caravan Park, you must transfer the registration into your own name and pay the applicable fee - contact Council's Environmental Health Unit on 5772 0333 for current fee.

By not transferring a registration into your own name, you are considered to be operating an unregistered premises which is an offence and can lead to legal action by Council.

Prescribed Accommodation Premises

All prescribed accommodation must be registered with Council's Environmental Health Unit. Registration is valid from January to December, with renewals due by the 1st of January each year.

Whether you are purchasing an existing, or establishing a new accommodation premises, there are a number of steps to take.

Premises inspection:

Before purchasing a Caravan Park or other prescribed accommodation premises it is recommended that you arrange a pre-purchase inspection to determine if there are any outstanding issues that fall under the Health Act 1958. Arrange a premises inspection by completing an application form below and submitting it to council. 

Approval of plans:

Council offers pre-registration review of premises plans. You must first submit your plans for approval before beginning construction works. Contact the Environmental Health Unit on 5772 0333 for further information.

Registering a new premise or purchasing an existing premise:

To register a new or existing accommodation premise, complete an application form below and submit it to council.