Emergency Contacts and Broadcasters

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Murrindindi Shire Emergency Broadcasters 

In an emergency you should only get information from a verified source. The following radio stations are Official Emergency Broadcasters in Murrindindi Shire.

ABC Radio

  • 621 AM Radio National
  • 774 AM Melbourne ABC

Local Radio

  • UGFM Radio Stations
    • FM 106.9 Alexandra / Lake Eildon
    • FM 88.9 Yea / Highlands
    • FM  98.5 Marysville / Lake Mountain
    • FM 98.9 Flowerdale
    • FM 94.5 Kinglake Ranges
    • Online streaming available at ugfm.org 
  • ABC Radio
    • Alexandra - 102.9 FM / 774 AM
    • Eildon - 98.1 FM / 774 AM
    • Hazeldene / Flowerdale - 97.3 FM / 774 AM
    • Marysville / Kinglake / Yea - 774 AM
  • Radio Mansfield FM
    • Eildon - 99.7 FM

Click here for all Official Emergency Broadcasters in Victoria

Emergency Contacts 

In an emergency, call triple zero (000) on any phone that has reception, even if the phone is locked. This free service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and offers immediate assistance. 

You are involved in an emergency if:

  • someone’s life or property is being threatened
  • someone is seriously injured or in need of urgent medical help
  • you have just witnessed a serious accident or crime

When calling triple zero (000) remember to: 

  • say which service you need: ambulance, police or fire brigade
  • stay calm, do not shout and speak slowly and clearly
  • tell the operator exactly where to come. Give an address or location. 
  • listen carefully to the operator, answer their questions and follow any instructions they give
  • stay on the phone and do not hang up until the operator tells you to do so

Being prepared and knowing who to call in an emergency can help save lives. Remember to stay focused, stay relevant and stay on the line.

Important: If there is no mobile coverage on any network, you will not be able to reach the emergency call service via a mobile phone.

Seeking Help in Floods and Storms

Are you seeking emergency help in a flood or storm because:

  • a tree has fallen (tree down) and caused structural damage to your home or vehicle?
  • there is damage to your roof or it is leaking significantly?
  • a tree or large branch has fallen and is preventing you from entering or leaving your home?
  • your property is flooded or about to flood?

If YES call VICSES on 132 500. Your request for assistance will be logged by the SES 24/7 call centre. A local volunteer may then contact you for further details.

If NO depending on your situation you should:

  • contact your insurer to make a claim or arrange permanent repairs.
  • contact a professional tradesperson to repair damage or remove debris, if required