Power Outages

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Power outages can occur for many reasons. Have a plan and be prepared to manage power blackouts.

Who to contact when you have a power outage 

Council does not look after power supply issues.  

If power supply to your home or business is interrupted contact Ausnet Services on 13 17 99 or visit the Ausnet Services website.

Preparing for power outages

Localised power outages can happen at any time but are more common during severe weather. Preparation is key as residents are often caught off guard when power outages occur. 

Consider your need for back-up power if you are highly reliant on electricity and don’t rely on power as part of any bushfire preparedness plan. 

Remember power outages can also affect phones, radios and water pumps - so arrange for alternatives that don’t need electricity supply. 

Make sure you know how to stay safe during an outage: 

  • The Victorian Government’s power outage guide will help you prepare for potential power outages during heatwaves or in advance of a severe weather event.  
  • Prepare your power outage kit today which includes a torch, a battery-operated radio, a list of important contacts such as relatives and emergency services, a phone that doesn’t need electricity to operate and spare batteries.   
  • Don’t rely on power as part of any bushfire preparedness plan and be prepared for potential power outages in severe weather. 
  • Information about the status of a power outage is available on Ausnet's website or outage tracker, on their Facebook page or Twitter feed, by calling the faults and emergencies line on 131 799 or by signing up for SMS notifications through your distributor.  
  • If you are a critical care customer who is dependent on power, make sure you are registered with your energy distributor and know what to do if the power goes out, including having a contingency plan in place. 

For more information on how to prepare and be safe, visit energy.vic.gov.au

If you are experiencing a power outage or if you want to report an electrical fault, contact Ausnet Services on 131 799.

For general advice on preparing for any emergency, visit The First 72 Hours page.