Local Laws and Permits

Council's Local Laws cover a range of rules governing how we live in our community. For example, these include the safety of people and property, animals, the land, general amenity, burning and waste disposal. 

There are two sets of Local Laws that you'll find on this page, the Governance Local Law and the Community Local Law.

Governance Local Law

The objectives of the Governance Local Law are to

  • regulate the use of the Common Seal
  • prohibit unauthorised use of the Common Seal or any device resembling the Common Seal
  • provide for the penalties in relation to the conduct of Council Meetings and Delegated Committees

Please click on the link below to view our current Governance Local Law.

Community Local Law

The objectives of the Community Local Law are to provide for

  • the peace and order of the municipality
  • a safe and healthy environment so that our community can enjoy a quality of life that meets its expectations
  • the safe enjoyment and fair use of public places
  • the protection of Council property
  • the amenity and environment of the municipality
  • the reasonable use and enjoyment of private land

At its Ordinary Meeting on 25 March 2020, Council resolved to adopt a new Local Laws, the 'Community Local Law 2020'. This law is now in effect and can be viewed by clicking on the link below. 


Local Law Permit Application Form

In Murrindindi Shire, a permit is required for

  • raffles and fundraising
  • wood trailers
  • food stalls
  • street stalls
  • car rallies
  • roadside grazing
  • road closures
  • firewood collection
  • alfresco dining
  • displaying goods on a footpath
  • burning off
  • shipping containers

 Click on the links below to download the relevant local law permit application form:

Firewood Collection

For more information on the collection of firewood in our Shire, please click here.

To apply for a firewood collection permit, please click here.