Snakes and Wildlife

In some areas, wildlife including kangaroos, possums, wombats and cockatoos, can damage property, farmland or the environment. Wildlife can also pose a threat to human safety, or suffer in areas where the species is over-abundant. Wildlife control may be needed to manage the problem.

Wildlife control must be lawful, thoughtful and well planned. It must consider the needs of people to protect their land, property and safety and it must also ensure animal welfare and environmental values are protected.

Landholders or land managers may apply to the Conservation Regulator for an Authority to Control Wildlife (ATCW). For more information or to apply for an ATCW please visit the the Victorian Government website here.

Situations concerning snakes and other wildlife are handled by the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action - please phone 136 186 or visit

Further assistance in the event of an animal emergency is available from the following organisations:

  • Wildlife Victoria - 1300 094 535
  • Help for Wildlife - 0417 380 687
  • Wildlife Rescue Australia - 1300 596 457