Firewood Collection

Firewood collection - roadsides and public land

Residents can apply to obtain a firewood collection permit to remove firewood from a municipal roadside. Due to habitat loss and personal safety concerns, firewood collection is not permitted on Council managed roadsides without a permit. Permits will only be issued for use during the two firewood collection seasons: 1 March - 30 June and 1 September - 30 November and are subject to conditions including no felling of standing trees - dead or alive. Firewood collection is not permitted on council roadsides of high conservation significance. These excluded roads are listed on the bottom of every permit issued. 

The following roads have a high environmental significance, therefore firewood collection is not permitted on these roads

  • Acheron: Grannies Lane, Yellow Creek Road
  • Alexandra: Old Fawcett Road, Grannies Lane
  • Buxton: Gypsy Lane, Passings Road, Project Road, Retreat Road
  • Castella: Campbells Creek Road, Castella Road
  • Fawcett: Old Fawcett Road
  • Dropmore: Lades Road
  • Ghin Ghin: Old Ghin Ghin Road, Larnoo Road
  • Flowerdale: Old Spring Valley Road, Spring Valley Road, Upper King Parrot Creek Road
  • Glenburn: Burns Road, Captains Creek Road, Kinglake-Glenburn Road, West Bridge Road
  • Gobur: Frees Road
  • Highlands: Lades Road, Old Highlands Road
  • Kinglake: Deviation Road, Extons Road, Gordons Bridge Road, Kinglake - Glenburn Road, Kings Road
  • Koriella: Old Fawcett Road
  • Marysville: Eagles Nest Road, Red Hill Road
  • Molesworth: Native Dog Road
  • Narbethong: Manby Road East, Nichols Road
  • Strath Creek: Upper King Parrot Creek Road
  • Taggerty: Blackwood Lane, Cathedral Lane, Swamp Creek Road, Yellow Creek Road
  • Toolangi: Old Toolangi Road, Smiths Road, Spraggs Road
  • Yea: Clarks Road, Racecourse Road
  • Great Victorian Rail trail 

To apply for a firewood collection permit to collect wood from Council's road reserves, click here or contact Council on (03) 5772 0333.

Firewood collection - State Forests 

Permits are not required to collect firewood from state forests provided that wood is taken from a designated collection point. Collection points open from 1 March - 30 June and 1 September - 30 November each year.

Collection point locations and conditions of use can be found at the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning website or by phoning 136 186.

Firewood collection - National Parks

Firewood collection is not permitted from National Parks, natural catchment areas and other conservation reserves. Heavy penalties apply.