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There are many active community groups in Murrindindi Shire working towards enhancing our natural environment, reducing our ecological impact and preserving resources for future generations. Some are listed below:

Murrindindi Climate Network

The Murrindindi Climate Network (MCN) is a group of local people concerned about the impacts of climate change. The network was set up with the belief that there are many strategies that can be undertaken to reduce the impact of human activity on the environment, but this requires the support and coordination of many stakeholders under the umbrella of a united network.

The Embassy of Ideas (Alexandra)

The Embassy of Ideas is a non-profit organisation that aims to strengthen community connections, encourage creativity, and promote sustainability locally. They run regular events and gatherings, including the Alexandra Repair Café, where handy people share their skills with owners of broken things. You can find both groups on Facebook, or contact them on

2030Yea: Community Energy

2030Yea Inc. works for renewable energy and energy efficiency projects in Yea and surrounds and are always looking to collaborate with like-minded people and groups in the Yea area. You can contact the group through their Facebook page.


Ensure Yea has totally renewable energy sources by 2030

  • Encourage the purchase of solar PV
  • Bulk buy opportunities for buying heat pumps and other energy efficient devices.
  • Plan for a community-scale solar battery

Build a Yea microgrid, a form of distributed energy (DER)

  • Microgrids share energy generated by solar panels (and batteries) between neighbours, even those without their own panels

Increase energy efficiency in Yea

  • Retrofit energy efficiency measures in older buildings (lights, insulation, gap stopping, new appliances), along with home energy assessments.

 Visit the website for more information.

Boomerang Bags (Kinglake)

Boomerang Bags is a worldwide initiative that aims to reduce single-use plastic bags. Scrap material is sewed into bags that are given out at markets, supermarkets and libraries for people who forgot to bring their reusable bag. Bags can be returned to the same location, or not! There is a group currently active in Kinglake, but if you live elsewhere in the shire they can help you to get started.

You can find Boomerang Bags here.

Community Gardens

There are several community gardens around our Shire. Join one near you to meet new friends, share resources and learn how to grow your own food.

  • Yea Community Garden – contact the Yea Community House on (03) 5797 3070 or
  • Kinglake Community Garden – contact the Kinglake Ranges Neighbourhood House on (03) 5786 1301 or
  • Toolangi Community Garden – contact the Toolangi Castella Community House on (03) 5962 9060

Upper Goulburn Landcare Network

The Upper Goulburn Landcare Network (UGLN) is a collective of 16 Landcare/land management groups in the Murrindindi Shire area, North-East Victoria.

Landcare was developed by the community, for the community, and has been operating in the Shire for more than 18 years. Council collaborates with UGLN on many projects and activities around the shire.

Groups that receive support from the UGLN include:

  • Strath Creek
  • Kinglake
  • King Parrot Environment Group
  • Yea River Catchment (including Murrindindi)
  • Yea Wetlands Committee
  • Molesworth
  • UT Creek (near Alexandra)
  • Merton
  • Home Creek/Spring Creek (Yarck and Fawcett districts)
  • Eildon Landcare
  • Yellow Creek/Dairy Creek (near Yea)
  • Friends of Marysville Walks
  • South Cathedral Landcare
  • Kinglake Scouts Junior Landcare
  • Flowerdale Primary School Junior Landcare
  • Murrindindi Climate Network
  • Strath Creek Blackberry Action Group

For further information and to keep updated with the UGLN, visit their website.

Blackberry Action Groups

Get in touch with your local Landcare group to learn about blackberry management and coordinate activities with other landholders. Some groups also offer equipment hire.

For those living in the Strath Creek area, the Strath Creek Blackberry Action Group is very active. Direct any questions about blackberry management their way – they can also come out to your property and provide site-specific advice. You can reach them through the Strath Creek Landcare website or contact Chris Cobern at

Click here for more information on invasive species management.

Farmers for Climate Action

Farmers for Climate Action is a national network of farmers, agricultural leaders and rural Australians working to ensure farmers are a key part of the solution to climate change. They run education programs and advocate for climate solutions both on and off the farm. Farmers for Climate Action is a non-profit organisation, is non-partial and works across the political spectrum.

Sign up through their website.

Friends of the Great Victorian Rail Trail

Formed in late 2017, Friends of the Great Victorian Rail Trail is an independent community group of like-minded volunteers working to provide input to the three respective Shires - Mansfield, Murrindindi and Mitchell - related to the ongoing management, development and promotion of the Trail.

Find Friends of the Great Victorian Rail Trail on Facebook.


If you would like your community group added to this list, please call Council on (03) 5772 0333 or email