Kerbside Collection Service

Households within township areas of Murrindindi Shire receive a compulsory garbage and recycling collection. For households outside of the townships, a service may be available if the property is on or near a collection route. A commercial bin service is also available for businesses within the Shire. 

How much does my kerbside collection service cost?

Council's kerbside collection service is provided to all properties within township areas that are part of the compulsory garbage and recycling collection zone. The service is also available to some properties outside of township areas, if the property is on or near a collection route.

Property owners who receive this service pay fees as part of their annual rates. These fees are itemised on rate notices. 

The fees for 2022/23 are as follows:

  • Residential Garbage Service - $402.73
  • Residential Recycling Service - $123.12

What size are the bins and how often are they collected?

Kerbside collection services consist of a 120L garbage bin (collected weekly) and a 240L recycling bin (collected fortnightly). The cost of the household kerbside service is recovered as a charge with the rates.


What day are my bins collected?

Garbage bins are collected weekly and recycling is collected fortnightly. To find out when your properties bins are collected, download the 2021-2023 calendar(PDF, 2MB).

To work out the day of the week your bins are collected, look at the top of the calendar and note the colour. To Identify the fortnightly recycling collection dates, find the coloured square that matches your collection day.

What can I put in my bins?

Wondering what can and can't go in your recycling and garbage bins? Click here(PDF, 4MB) to download a helpful guide. 

Household collection services are intended for household rubbish only and there are practical limits on the capacity of the collection system to handle other wastes. In particular, the recycling plants are only set up to accept household recyclable items such as those generated in the kitchen, bathroom and laundry – not all materials that can be recycled are able to be recycled through the kerbside service.

For example, metal items such as tin cans and bottle caps can be recycled, while mechanical parts and metal poles cannot. In the garbage bin, very heavy items or waste that cannot be compacted in the truck such as renovation waste will cause issues. Bulky items such as those described can be taken to your local Resource Recovery Centre, fees may apply. 

How does commercial kerbside collection work?

Commercial bins are 240L (garbage or recycling) and are charged per collection – if the bins are not put out for collection no charge is applied. Users of this service are invoiced monthly. The commercial service includes garbage bins (240L, weekly) and recycling bins (240L, fortnightly). A nominal yearly hire charge also applies. For more information, contact Council on (03) 5772 0333, or complete the relevant form below.

How do I request new or additional kerbside collection services?

To request a new or additional household garbage or recycling service, please complete the form below.

Domestic Waste Service Application

If you need to know more, please send us an email at




My bin wasn't emptied, what should I do?

If your garbage or recycling bin was not emptied when it should have been, click here to make a request or contact Council on (03) 5772 0333.

How do I request a replacement bin?

Should you require a replacement bin due to damage or theft, click here to make a request or contact Council on (03) 5772 0333.