Dwelling and property information

Council’s Building Department can assist you with obtaining information about your own property or one that you may be looking to buy.

Building certificates

Building Regulation 51 (1) provide information to prospective buyers about buildings or structures on a property that have been built in the last 10 years including any inspections conducted. Complete an application for building information 51(1)(PDF, 449KB) and submit it along with the applicable fee (outlined on the application form) to Council’s Building Unit.

Building Regulation 51 (2) provide information on termites, bushfire and flood prone areas associated with a property. Complete an application for building property information 51(2)(PDF, 444KB) and submit it along with the applicable fee (outlined on the application form) to Council’s Building Unit.

Land Information Certificates are issued by council's rates department and provide details of property valuation and rates outstanding. It may also include subdivision monies in relation to public open space that may be owing. Visit Land Information Certificates for further information and to apply for this certificate.

Archived building plans

Copies of building plans can be obtained from Council’s Building Unit. Your request must be in writing and include:

  • property details
  • reasons for requiring plans
  • a fee is applicable for archive file retrieval (further fees may be applicable to cover photocopy costs)
  • proof that you are the registered owner of the property i.e. Rates notice

Allow at least 10 business days from the time of your request for retrieval and copying of plans.

When applying for copies of building plans, please consider the following:

  • Search fees are non-refundable
  • Council cannot guarantee that all plans and documents will be located
  • Building plans and documents older than 20 years are unlikely to be available
  • Boundary setbacks and other dimensions shown on plans retrieved should not be relied upon without being confirmed on site
  • Sewer drainage lines are rarely shown on building plans. Stormwater and drainage lines, if shown, are usually indicative only and should not be relied upon without being confirmed on site  

Adjoining property owner details

Council can only provide the name and mailing address of adjoining property owners for the purpose of fencing enquiries. An application for contact details for an abutting property (PDF, 162KB)must be completed and signed and submitted to Council’s Rates Unit.

In response, Council will provide the name and mailing address of the neighbour which can only be used in relation to the fencing matter stated on the application. No other personal information will be provided.

Drainage and Stormwater

Click here to view information on drainage and stormwater, including the legal point of discharge application form.

Planning Certificates

Click here to view information on planning certificates, including the planning certificate application form.