Pool and spa regulations

Installing a pool or spa

Building Permit is required for the construction or installation of any pool or spa that exceeds a depth of 300mm (30cm). This applies to above and below ground pools and spas as well as inflatable structures. It is also mandatory for a regulation safety fence or barrier to be constructed. 

Pools and spas require ongoing maintenance to ensure they remain safe to use.  

  • Ensure all parts of the safety fence or barrier are fitted correctly such as self-closers, latches, fly screens, catches and bolts
  • Regularly check your safety structures for deteriorating parts
  • Ensure no items that could be used as a climbing aid are within a 1.2m radius of the safety fence or barrier. This includes chairs, boxes and even pool pumps.

For further information or advice contact Council on 5772 0333.

Registering your pool or spa

On 1 December 2019, new laws to improve swimming pool and spa safety came into effect in Victoria. They introduce new registration, inspection and certification requirements for property owners.

As part of the changes, owners are required to register their pool and/or spa with Council and have their safety barrier inspected once every four years.

Relocatable pools that do not consist of multiple components and do not require any assembly are not subject to the barrier requirements. An example of such a product is a small inflatable pool that requires no assembly other than inflation.

Visit the Victorian Building Authority's website for more information.

Want to register your pool or spa? Complete our online pool and spa registration form now. You can also download and print t(PDF, 152KB)he form and mail it to us when complete.