Petitions to Council

Petition to Murrindindi Shire Council template(DOC, 101KB)

Petition form

Every petition submitted to Council must

  • be in legible and in permanent writing
  • be clear and on each page the matter and action sought from council is stated
  • not be derogatory, defamatory or objectionable in language or nature
  • not relate to matters outside the powers of Council
  • include the names, addresses and original signatures of at least 10 people

Where a petition has been signed by less than 10 people, it will be treated as a joint letter and forwarded directly to the appropriate member of Council staff for action as an operational item.

The Chief Executive Officer may determine that an electronic or online petition will be submitted to a Council Meeting. The number of signatories to an online or electronic petition will be taken to be the number of signatories at the time the petition is provided to Council for submission to a Council meeting.

An online or electronic petition will not be presented to a Council meeting if it contains signatures that are false or misleading.

Presenting the petition to Council

  • The original petition can be lodged with Council either in person at any of council's offices in Alexandra, Yea or Kinglake, or by post to the Chief executive Officer, PO Box 138, Alexandra 3714 or
  • The petition will be presented to the next Scheduled meeting of Council with an officer recommendation
  • After a petition is tabled, the head petitioner will be advised of the progress of the particular issue