Petitions to Council

Petition to Murrindindi Shire Council template(DOC, 101KB)

Petition form

  • Every page of a petition must bear the wording of the whole of the petition or request.
  • Any signature appearing on a page of a petition which does not bear the wording of the whole of the petition or request will not be considered by Council.
  • Every page of a petition must be a single piece of paper and must not be affixed to any piece of paper other than another page of the petition.


  • A petition:
    • must be in a legible and permanent form of writing, typing or printing;
    • must not be defamatory, indecent, abusive or objectionable in language or substance; and
    • must not relate to a matter beyond the powers of Council.
  • Where the matter is beyond Council’s power to deal with, Council’s response may be limited to advocating on behalf of the petitioner/s.
  • Petitions must be in English, or attached to a certified translation if in another language.


  • Every petition must be signed by at least two persons.
  • All signatures must be hand written.
  • Signatures must be original – photocopies and scanned signatures will not be accepted.
  • No-one can sign on behalf of another person (except a petitioner who is incapable of signing may get someone to sign on his/her behalf).
  • Each person must include his/her name, signature and address (only Victorian addresses are acceptable).
  • A person must live in Victoria to be able to sign the petition.
  • Names, addresses and signatures can only be written on headed petition sheets.

Presenting the petition to Council

  • The original petition can be lodged with Council either in person at any of council's offices in Alexandra, Yea or Kinglake, or by post to the Chief executive Officer, PO Box 138, Alexandra 3714.
  • Electronic submissions will not be accepted.
  • The petition will be presented to the next Ordinary meeting of Council with an officer recommendation.
  • After a petition is tabled, the head petitioner will be advised of the progress of the particular issue.