Planning applications on public notice

Under Section 52 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987, and/or at the discretion of Council's Planning Unit, the following documents are currently available for public exhibition.  

Planning Application Notices

Documents are published for the sole purpose of enabling consideration and review as part of a planning process under the Planning and Environment Act 1987. These documents must not be used for any purpose which may breach any Copyright or Privacy Laws.

Planning Permit Application No. Description Address  Date advertising period closes
2023/188(PDF, 17MB)  Use and development of land for a place of assembly (community events), buildings and works associated with retail premises, reduction in car parking requirements 25 Murchison Street, Marysville  26/02/2024 
2023/165 (PDF, 12MB) Development of Land for two tourist accommodation buildings, vegetation removal and alteration to access in a transport zone 6 Woods Point Road, Marysville  05/03/2024 
2024/9(PDF, 12MB) Use and development of land for a single dwelling 356 Two Hills Road, Glenburn 07/03/2024
2024/12(PDF, 36MB)  3 lot subdivision of land adjacent to the Principal Road Network  18 Connellys Creek Road, Acheron  18/03/2024 
2023/176 (PDF, 10MB) 2 lot subdivision 7 Paynes Avenue, Alexandra  22/03/2024 
2024/8(PDF, 11MB)  Development of land for a replacement dwelling and use of land for group accommodation   80 Halls Flat Road, Alexandra   16/04/2024
 2024/36(PDF, 5MB) Demolition and replacement of storage building
6585 Maroondah Highway, Yarck 17/04/2024
 2024/32(PDF, 4MB) Two lot subdivision 5 Aitken Street, Alexandra 06/04/2024
 2024/28(PDF, 69MB) Use and Development of land for a place of worship
7 Edward Staff Drive, Kinglake 13/05/2024

Objections to the above proposals can be submitted in two ways: 

  1. Submit your objection in writing by the date indicated, stating your reasons and how the proposal will affect your land.

  2. Complete a submission to planning application form and submit it to Council.

If you are satisfied with a proposal, you are not required to respond, however by showing your support you can receive future updates on the progress of the development.

Note: all submissions received will become public documents.