Applicants should check with council’s planning department to determine whether a planning permit is required for the subdivision of land and the minimum lot sizes permitted in accordance with the relevant zone in the Murrindindi Planning Scheme.

Subdivision applications generally require two processes which can run separately or concurrently:

  1. Application for planning permit (to allow the subdivision to occur specific to certain conditions).
  2. Application for certification (to sign off on the plan of subdivision and approve the creation of new parcels and titles).

Farming Zones

The primary purpose of the farming zone is to provide for the sustainable use of land for grazing and crop raising.

Most proposals for subdivision of rural land will require a permit from council and the minimum subdivision size permitted varies. Contact council’s planning department on (03) 5772 0333 to discuss your requirements.

There are opportunities for boundary realignment and house lot excisions that create smaller lots, where it can be demonstrated that it is required to facilitate, and will not compromise, agricultural activity.