3717 Watch Inc

3717 WATCH Inc. works with the Murrindindi Shire Council, State Government and other agencies to ensure good strategic, environmental and planning decisions are made for the 3717 postcode area.

The organisation known as “3717 Watch Incorporated” is comprised of predominantly local residents and interested people who care about the Shire of Murrindindi. 3717 Watch is not a political group, nor has it an affiliation with any other recognised organisation. 3717 Watch Inc does not have any ties with any commercial or pecuniary interest groups.

3717 Watch operates with the understanding that our community contains a wide diversity of opinions, ideas and expectation's about the optimal structure within which to live. All activity is undertaken with the understanding that local and state ‘land-use’, planning decisions will impact on the social, economic and environmental structure and conditions within our Shire.

• To assume a proactive watch over the activities of Murrindindi Shire Council, particularly in relation to environmental and planning matters.
• To positively influence members of the community to carefully consider current and future impacts on the natural resources and beauty of the Murrindindi shire in any decision-making.
• To source independent information and advice for the community on environmental and planning matters as well as local and State policies that will impact on planning outcomes within the Shire.
• To report on an ‘as needs’ basis to the broader community about the activities of the Council. • To provide a focus for community interest in planning, that informs and empowers individuals to be involved in planning matters.
• To provide, as required, resources, information sessions and workshops to increase understanding on the highly technical subject of planning and the environment.
• To provide an opportunity for the sharing of skills and expertise that exists within the community.
• To provide a strong and united voice that will advocate the members and/or community’s position to Council and the State. To provide a central communication point for our local Councillors


Meeting Information:

Held on an as needs basis and at various locations - Please make contact with the President for current meeting schedule.