Skate Facilities

Alexandra Skate Park

Located on the corner Maroondah Highway and Bayley Street, the Alexandra Skate Park has a variety of features such as:

  • Quarter pipes
  • Banked hips
  • Handrails
  • Sub-box
  • Ledges and hubbas
  • Fun box
  • Grind poles
  • Flat banks
  • BMX jumps 

These are all laid out in a way that allows skaters to move around the different areas without having to stop.

This creates a good flow between elements. There are different heights used for most elements that will cater for skaters of all skill levels.

Basic rules apply when using this facility:

  • The park is for use during daylight hours only
  • Children under 8 must be supervised
  • No food, drink or glass is to be consumed or taken onto the skate surfaces
  • Alcohol is strictly prohibited
  • Park users must wear safety gear, i.e. helmets and pads

Marysville Skate Park

Located beside the Gallipoli Park Oval the Marysville Skate Park is a large park featuring a half pipe and a fluent unique set of rollers catering for all users.

Stage two of the Marysville Skate Park development will see a half basketball court and BMX facilities built.