Rural Councils Victoria

Murrindindi Shire Council is a member of Rural Councils Victoria (RCV). 

RCV represents 37 rural councils across Victoria, supporting and promoting sustainable, liveable and prosperous rural communities. 

RCV aims to

  • Heighten awareness and understanding of issues that impact on rural communities
  • Use policy, strategy, advocacy and evidence-based research to secure better outcomes for rural councils and in turn, for the whole of Victoria
  • Promote a collective voice and to be an avenue of communication and liaison between our member councils and State and Federal governments
  • Enable local solutions and facilitate networking, learning, capacity building, and external communication
  • Contribute to the development of evidence-based policy and strategy
  • Build the resilience and capacity of councils to support economic development and increase the sustainability of rural communities
  • Develop strategies and initiatives to improve the attraction and retention of residents and businesses to rural areas
  • Assist with building the capacity of rural councils to meet the challenges they face.

For more information about RCV, visit their website here