Thornton Memorial Hall


The Thornton Memorial Hall was refurbished in 2008. The hall is within a short walking distance from the main shopping precinct. It has an abundance of on-street parking and outdoor lawn which surrounds the venue. 

The hall is much-loved by the local community and is home to the Thornton RSL Branch, which hosts annual memorial events for the community and visitors.

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Ideal for

  • Community and family celebrations.
  • Festivals and fundraising events including craft and photographic exhibitions.
  • Passive indoor exercise
  • Smaller group or supper meetings


  • Hall - measuring 18m x 10m, has a timber floor and a variety of windows and doors to the outside.
  • Heating and cooling
  • Stage - trapezium in shape - measuring 4.5m at the rear, 7m at the front with a depth of 4.5m.  Stair access to the rear of the stage, is available from either side via the dual purpose change room/toilets.
  • Minimal stage lighting and sound system 
  • Kitchen - equipped with oven, refrigerator, hot water
  • Servery - from kitchen to supper
  • Supper Room - pre-set with 4 rectangular tables and chairs.  Room measures 8m x 6m and has direct access to main hall and kitchen
  • All abilities access to amenities, however assistance for entry to the main building may be required
  • A variety of tables and chairs for approximately 100

 What's available

The Thornton Memorial Hall's main entrance is from Thornton-Taggerty Road. The hall has two street-facing entrances, as well as numerous side entrances. Entry through the right hand front door finds patrons standing in the 8m long timber hallway, which provides direct access to the main hall.

Once inside, patrons can access the supper room, stage and toilets, as well as the many doors leading to the outside yard.  Should patrons enter through the left hand front door they will be in the supper room, which leads into the kitchen and through to the hall. The supper room can be closed off from the main hall and makes for a great meeting room for up to 20 participants. The hall is a fabulous venue for family and community celebrations and with ample parking along Thornton-Taggerty Road there is plenty of room for everyone.


  • Seated 100
  • Standing 150


  • All abilities access to toilets and change rooms, located to the rear of the hall


1335 Taggerty Thornton Road, Thornton 3712  View Map

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