Repairs to Damaged Roads from October 2022 Floods

  • Project typeRoadworks
  • Project valueVarious
  • Project scheduleIn Progress
  • Contractor nameVarious
  • Completion Date01 May 2024

Council has experienced over $30 million worth of damage to its roads and infrastructure from the October 2022 Floods.

Long-term repairs to flood-impacted roads have recently been approved by state and federal governments, who are responsible for providing financial assistance to councils, to assist with the costs associated with infrastructure repairs and reinstatement following declared disasters.

The following table provides the latest information on road repairs being delivered under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA) which is jointly funded by the Australian Government and the Victorian Government. 

Road Name Locality Status     
Breakaway Road Acheron        Complete   
Hoban's Road Acheron Complete
Castella Road Castella Complete
Campbells Creek Road Castella Complete
Nicholsons Road Cathkin Complete
Gum Road Caveat Complete
Caveat-Ruffy Road Caveat Complete
Hewletts Road Caveat Complete
Spaniaks Road Caveat Complete
Waddell Road Caveat Complete
Yurittas Road Caveat Complete
Snobs Creek Road Eildon Complete
Rollasons Road Eildon Complete
Taylor Bay Left Arm Road Taylor Bay Complete
Upper King Parrot Creek Road Flowerdale Complete
Messmate Road Flowerdale Complete
Fairview Road Flowerdale Complete
Triangle Road Flowerdale Complete
Ghin Ghin Road Ghin Ghin Complete
Larnoo Road Ghin Ghin Complete
Old Ghin Ghin Road Ghin Ghin Complete
Kinglake-Glenburn Road Glenburn/Kinglake Complete
Walls Road Glenburn Complete
Granite Hills Road Highlands Complete
Highlands Road Highlands Complete
Old Highlands Road Highlands Complete
Switzerland Road Highlands Complete
Durham Lane Kanumbra Complete
Hodson's Lane Kanumbra Complete
Higgins Road Bridge Killingworth Complete
McLeish's Road Killingworth Complete
Nichols Road  Kinglake West Complete
Limestone Road Limestone Complete
Molesworth-Dropmore Road Molesworth Complete
Fullarton road Molesworth Complete
Murrindindi Road Murrindindi Complete
Myles Road Murrindindi Complete
Cummins Road Murrindindi Complete
Nash's Road Murrindindi  Complete
Henderside Road Murrindindi Complete
Rubicon Road Rubicon Complete
Allandale Road Strath Creek Complete
Brysons Lane Strath Creek Complete
King Parrot Creek Road Strath Creek Complete
McNally's Road Strath Creek Complete
Torbrek Street Taggerty Complete
Top Road Terip Terip Complete
Warrens Road Terip Terip Complete
Phillips Road Toolangi Complete
Smiths Road Toolangi Complete
Spraggs Road Toolangi Complete
Ti-Tree Creek Road Yea Complete
Whanregarwen Road Whanregarwen Complete
Crystal Creek Road Whanregarwen Complete