Burning Off

Burning off.png

Residents and ratepayers are allowed to burn off at specified times of the year and under certain conditions. CFA has responsibility for deciding when the declared Fire Danger Period (FDP) starts and finishes. During the FDP it is unlikely any burning off can occur. Council does not issue permits to burn off during the FDP.  

Council has simplified its burning-off laws to make it easier for residents to maintain their properties in preparation for the summer fire season. Residents can burn off at any time (excluding the Fire Danger Period) without requiring a permit, providing they meet the following conditions: 

  • you must have adequate means available at all times to prevent the escape of fire and to extinguish the fire
  • the burn area must be cleared of flammable material for a minimum radius of 3 m
  • the fire must be extinguished if you are directed to do so by an authorised officer
  • you must ensure all ashes are spread and thoroughly extinguished at the completion of the burn
  • the smoke must not cause a nuisance
  • the burn pile must not include damp or green materials. The materials to be burned must be suitably dry (cured)
  • the fire must be adequately supervised, with an adult person present at all times 

Additionally, if your land is less than one hectare, the burn pile must not exceed 1 m x 1 m. 

If your land is more than one hectare: 

  • the burn pile must be no more than 20 cubic meters 
  • the fire must not be lit if wind speed exceeds 15 kph 
  • the burn pile must not be located closer than 5 m to the property boundary or 5 m to any building 

Any fire that does not meet these conditions will require a permit from Council. 

Before burning off, you must notify emergency services to prevent unnecessary response from local firefighters. If your burn has been registered, then emergency services can verify the fire is a planned burn if calls are received to report it as an actual fire. 

To avoid wait times, register your burn-off on private land at the Fire Permits Victoria website.

While the burn-off registration phone line (1800 668 511) is available, callers can experience long wait times on days of high demand, as call takers concentrate their efforts on vital emergency calls. 

The CFA decision regarding the FDP impacts on when you can or can’t burn off. Visit the CFA Website: Fire Danger Period to view the latest restrictions in force.