Community Planning

About the Project

The Community Planning Framework, developed by community working groups in 2018, is being trialled in Yea, Marysville and Toolangi-Castella.

Community planning aims to put communities in the driver’s seat. In 2019 many community meetings and discussions occurred, looking at ideas and opportunities for the future. A list of ideas were then collated for each of the trial towns. These ideas have now been prioritised at community dinners held in February and March 2020 to help shape the vision and key goals for each town's Community Plan.

The communities of Yea, Marysville and Toolangi-Castella have each developed a Community Plan, based on input from local community members. These plans were acknowledged by Council at its Meeting on 27 May 2020.

Click here(PDF, 9MB) to download the Yea Community Plan

Click here(PDF, 8MB) to download the Marysville Community Plan

Click here(PDF, 4MB) to download the Toolangi-Castella Community Plan

Community Planning Small Grants Program 

The Community Planning Small Grants Program has now closed. Applications were invited from community groups involved in the Murrindindi Community Planning pilot in Yea, Marysville or Toolangi-Castella.

The Community Planning Small Grants program is a one off grant round funded by the Insurance Australia Group (IAG), and its local brand WFI, to support the townships of Marysville, Yea and Toolangi-Castella as part of the Community Planning trial. The Community Planning Small Grants program seeks to support not-for-profit community groups and organisations with activities that are prioritised in each town's Community Plan and that have a broad community benefit.

The following approved grants were noted at the Council meeting on September 16 2020

-    Honour the Taungurung public art project was awarded $7500 for the development of designs for a potential installation and related community consultation
-    2030Yea Inc. was awarded $7,500 for the first phase of their renewable energy project, including surveys and the delivery of an options paper exploring models for Yea
-    Yea & District Historic Society was awarded $7500 to prepare a feasibility study and related community consultation as first steps towards a museum in Yea
-    In April 2021, Yea Arts Inc. was awarded $7500 to conduct a feasibility study around an arts hub at the Yea Station Precinct 


-    Tennis Courts Action Group was awarded $7465 to carry out works around the tennis courts to increase their usability
-    Trails Action Group was awarded $7,500 to investigate formalising trails that link Castella Park with the existing Tall Trees Trail and Monda Track and provide a safe trail for walkers, horse riders and bike riders
-     Toolangi-Castella Local History Action Plan Group was awarded $7490 to film narratives of the history of Toolangi-Castella, for the local community and Council, and to hold an exhibition day at Toolangi C.J. Dennis Hall.
- Collection of Hard Rubbish Action Group was awarded $7500  to provide a short-term hard rubbish service for the Toolangi-Castella Community, to help the elderly and incapacitated community members. This trial will help determine levels of interest and development of a long term strategy.


-    Marysville Garden Beautification Committee was awarded $6000 to develop garden beds outside MiRa
-    Marysville Triangle Youth Inc was awarded $6000 towards completion of the Youth Space
-    Light Up the Trees Marysville was awarded $6000 to purchase lighting and solar panels to provide light for the trees in Murchison street
-    Marysville Community Planning Committee – Cycling was awarded $6000 towards a feasibility study for the development of mountain bike trails around Marysville
-    Marysville Iconic Trail Project Group was awarded $6000, which is now being put towards the development of branding, capacity building and media development.


For more information about the Project you can contact Council's Community Planning Unit on (03) 5772 0333 or via email at