Community Planning

Community Planning in Eildon

Following a number of gatherings, including a Community BBQ and five Community Conversations, the Eildon community is now ready to decide on the priorities for the Eildon Community Plan. A Community Planning Dinner will be held on Saturday 28 May. The Dinner is being organised collaboratively with a Core Team of Eildon community members (new members always welcome). For more information and to book your place, click here. Bookings are essential.

Whether you're a long-term local, a newcomer to the area, a holiday-home owner or business operator, we want you to come along to the Dinner and be part of this important step in building Eildon's future.

If you can't attend on the night but would like an opportunity to vote on priority actions for Eildon, get in touch with our Community Planning team for 'early voting'. 

What is Community Planning?

Community Planning puts communities in the driver’s seat. Communities themselves – with a bit of help from Council – identify their local strengths and priorities for their future, and collaborate to develop and deliver solutions for their town.

Community Planning helps create a shared vision for the neighbourhood.

It’s about getting to know people, working together in new ways and involves meeting up, talking, thinking about what is great in the community and sharing ideas for making it an even better place to be.

Then, as a community, you decide which ideas are most important and develop your very own Community Plan. A Community Plan is created by the community, for the community and it is up to you to bring the Plan to life.

Watch our short video below to find out more.

Community Planning Pilot Program

The Community Planning Framework, developed by community working groups in 2018, was trialled in the townships of Yea, Marysville and Toolangi-Castella during 2019 and 2020, as part of Council's Community Planning Pilot Program. The development of the Framework and delivery of the Pilot Program was possible due to generous funding support from Insurance Australia Group and their local brand WFI Insurance.

The Pilot Program was very successful, with community members meeting regularly to discuss ideas and opportunities for the future of their town. These ideas were then collated and later prioritised at community dinners to help shape the vision and key goals for each town's Community Plan.

The communities of Yea, Marysville and Toolangi-Castella have each developed a Community Plan, based on input from local community members. These plans were acknowledged by Council at its Meeting on 27 May 2020.

Click here(PDF, 9MB) to download the Yea Community Plan

Click here(PDF, 8MB) to download the Marysville Community Plan

Click here(PDF, 4MB) to download the Toolangi-Castella Community Plan

Questions or more information 

For more information about Community Planning, the Pilot Program or the Community Planning Project in Eildon, please contact Council's Community Planning Unit on (03) 5772 0333 or via email at