Infrastructure impacts and closures (roads, bridges, parks and trails)



As we continue to recover from the October 2022 Floods, there are still some areas across Murrindindi Shire that are closed to the public due to unsafe conditions.

For your safety, fences and signage have been placed to prevent public access. We have noticed people ignoring these warnings and entering dangerous areas. We acknowledge that most people are doing the right thing but would like to remind everyone of the dangers of entering closed off areas.

Changed conditions due to the recent floods, could mean damage to the integrity of riverbanks, logs, branches and other debris lying beneath the surface of our waterways, or increased risk of illness due to stagnant flood water and bacterial diseases.

For your safety and the safety of emergency services, please avoid impacted or closed areas. Council and public authorities will be increasing surveillance in high-risk areas and people who ignore signage and safety fences risk receiving an on-the-spot fine.

Closed Roads and Bridges

The road network has suffered significant damage with large potholes and sections of road badly impacted. Crews are prioritising high volume roads and areas where damage is a safety issue.

The following roads are currently closed:

  • Acheron Way
  • Breakaway Road, Acheron (partial closure at Breakaway Bridge - Breakaway Bridge remains closed, however access is available to properties and businesses on Breakaway Road via Hobans Road and Acheron Road, including Twin Rivers Caravan Park and Rennies at Acheron).
  • Molesworth-Dropmore Road
  • Snobs Creek Road, Thornton

Please do not drive through road closed signs. These signs are in place as we are unsure of the condition and safety of the road. 

Ensure you drive to the conditions of the road as they may be damaged by water. 

Real-time traffic conditions are available online at the VicRoads website or via the VicTraffic mobile app. 

Please report road issues to Council (if it is a Council-managed road) by calling (03) 5772 0333.  

For issues relating to roads managed by VicRoads, please call 13 11 70. For a list of roads in Murrindindi Shire that are managed by VicRoads, click here.

Closed bridges

The following bridges are currently closed:

  • Breakaway Bridge, Acheron (access is available to properties and businesses on Breakaway Road via Hobans Road and Acheron Road, including Twin Rivers Caravan Park and Rennies at Acheron).

The following areas have a temporary bridge in place to allow for local light vehicle access: 

  • Forest Road, Flowerdale 
  • Nashs Road, Yea 

Parks and Trails

A number of National Parks, State Forests and Reserves within Murrindindi Shire are closed or have restrictions in place for camping or visiting.

Cathedral Range State Park

Walking tracks and campgrounds within the Cathedral Range State Park were impacted by significant amounts of treefall. Parks Victoria is working on clearing fallen trees as quickly as possible, to enable the Park to fully reopen.

The Cathedral Range State Park has partially reopened.

  • Cerberus Road (on the southern approach) is open but in a very poor condition. It is accessible only by high clearance all wheel drive vehicles. Unsuitable for two wheel drives and low clearance vehicles.
  • Tweed Spur Road remains closed due to road damage from the October floods. It is expected that it will remain closed until at least May/June 2023

For the latest advice on park closures and impacts, click here.

Kinglake National Park

Kinglake National Park was heavily impacted by the October 2022 floods, with four creek crossings washed away or damaged by floodwaters and large landslops occurring at Brock Tk and on Road 56 in the Silver Creek area (near Flowerdale). Planning is underway by Parks Victoria for the repair of the damage to crossings and tracks.

For the latest advice on park closures and impacts, click here.

Lake Eildon National Park

For the latest advice on trail closures, click here.

For more information on restrictions in State Forests visit Forest and road closures visit or call the Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action (DEECA) on 136 186. 

Where closures are not in place, remain cautious of changing weather conditions and the impact these can have on tracks, roads, river crossings and trees.

Lady Talbot Drive (Yarra Ranges National Park)

Open from Marysville to the Beeches. Keppel Falls, Taggerty Cascades and Beeches Picnic Ground now accessible.

Closed between the Beeches and Mt Margaret Road. Phantom Falls is also still closed at this stage.

Yea Wetlands

Murrindindi Shire Council is pleased to advise that John Cummins Reserve is now open as of March 2023, as part of the staged reopening of the Yea Wetlands.

The Yea Wetlands, a significant tourist destination for Yea and an important asset for our local community, was significantly impacted by the October 2022 flood event, with a number of fallen trees and damage to infrastructure including paths and boardwalks.

Following recent impact assessments, which identified a number of hazardous trees, Council engaged contractors to remove these trees from the wetlands, allowing public access to the Reserve.

The Wetlands are still inaccessible from the Yea Wetlands Discovery Centre entrance, and other areas remain closed until infrastructure is repaired. Works are continuing so we can reopen the rest of the Wetlands for visitors and locals to enjoy.

Breakaway Bridge, Acheron

Breakaway Bridge suffered significant damage during the October 2022 Floods and remains closed (however access is available to properties and businesses on either side of the Bridge, including Twin Rivers Caravan Park and Rennies at Acheron).

We recognise the significant impact of the damage and closure of Breakaway Bridge on the Acheron community and directly impacted residents.

To date, the following work has occurred:

  • significant debris removal that had washed up against Breakaway Bridge (over 600 cubic metres of material removed)
  • re-stablisation of embankments either side of the bridge to minimise further erosion
  • bridge deck assessment
  • structural assessment

Structural engineers have undertaken further detailed assessments of the Breakaway Bridge. Further updates will be communicated shortly, detailing the extent of the impact, our plans for community consultation, and timelines.

Murrindindi Shire Council, Goulburn Murray Water (GMW), Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority and the State Government will continue to work together to restore access to residents and will ensure local community members are involved in deciding the future of the bridge.

Regular updates will continue to be shared directly with impacted residents

Molesworth-Dropmore Road, Highlands

Molesworth-Dropmore Road remains closed, with a drain (culvert) being completely washed out during the flood.

Damage has been assessed by Council and the required repair works will be tendered as soon as the assessment report is finalised.

Whanregarwen Road, Molesworth

Whanregarwen Road suffered significant damage from the floods, but remains open.

To date, we have:

  • carried out initial assessments of the damage to the road
  • completed temporary rectification works on the road to allow safe travel for motorists

Further assessments and repair works are required. We will keep the community updated as we have more information to share about repair works.

Thornton township

The Thornton township experienced significant damage to both private properties, with some residents experiencing over floor flooding, and public infrastructure.

Initial assessments of the damage to public assets, such as roads, parks and other infrastructure, have been completed, with further detailed assessments to occur, before repair works commence.

In the Thornton township, the drainage protection system will be upgraded this year to prevent backflow into the stormwater network during moderate flooding, following the destruction of the existing backflow devices.  Council has been in discussions with the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority (GBCMA) and the design and specification of these gates are currently being completed by the engineering team.  An off-the-shelf solution will facilitate a quick installation, once the components arrive.

Council is working with GBCMA on an application for Federal Government funding to conduct a flood study for major flood events.

We will endeavour to provide continual updates to the community as they become available.

Should you require support from Council in accessing services, please contact our Flood Recovery team.

Great Victorian Rail Trail

While the Great Victorian Rail Trail remains open, there is significant damage and washouts along the Trail.

Rehabilitation and stabilisation works are underway and there is a significant amount of debris that needs clearing, including on Spring Creek Bridge.

We are working to repair the damage as quickly as possible.

Flowerdale Link Shared Pathway (Flowerdale Walking Track)

There is damage and large washouts along the Flowerdale Walking Track in Flowerdale.

To date, an initial inspection has been completed, with further assessments required before repair works occur.